Ladies, you love your kinis…don’t you? Duh. Don’t let the love (or the colors, elasticity, & shape) fade away! Find out how you can properly care for your kinis so that they’ll stay in tip-top, beach babe shape for years to come. LSpace Blog How to Care for Your Bikini 1. Watch where you spray! When sunscreen, tanning oils, and cosmetics come into contact with your swimsuit, the colors begin to fade. If you do get a squirt of sunscreen on there, rinse your suit in water ASAP. 2. Soak that suit- STAT. Get in the habit of taking off your kini and soaking it in cold water, right away. This helps the suit to maintain brightness as well as elasticity. 3. Just say NO- to washing machines. That’s right ladies, when it comes to swimwear care you’ve gotta kick it old school- hand washing. A washing machine can be rough on our delicate kinis.  Over time washing machines cause fabrics to stretch and lose their shape- and nobody wants a saggy bikini bottom! Use warm water and a gentle soap that is specifically formulated to be gentle on our kinis. We love this Swimwear Detergent from Roux Mason. 4. If you like it then you shouldn’t put a wring on it. Wringing out and twisting your suit to squeeze out that last drop of moisture is a no-no! Instead, give your kini a soft squeeze. 5. Bikinis need naps, too. Did you know that the best way to dry your bathing suit is lying flat? After you’ve gently squeezed out that excess h20, let your kini lie down to dry.