LSpace Blog Slim Aarons American photographer Slim Aarons is an artist after our own heart. “I love photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places," he once told a reporter. This is exactly the mood his photographs capture. Think lavish yacht parties, perfect poolside scenes, topless sunbathers off the coast of Italy…the picture of vintage perfection. When Aarons was only 18 he served as a combat photographer during WW2. Aarons said combat had taught him the only beach worth landing on was "decorated with beautiful, seminude girls tanning in a tranquil sun."So after the war he packed up, moved to Cali, and began photographing celebrities and socialites. Aarons never used a make-up artist or a stylist; instead he preferred to capture people in their natural environment. Today, his photos evoke feelings of nostalgia, wanderlust, and major pool envy. His photos transport you to a world where every day is filled with sun, surf, sand, bikinis, jet-setting, and cocktails a plenty…the dream life, right ladies? LSpace Blog Slim AaaronsLSpace Blog slim Aarons