L*Space Demi Bandeau 1. Strapless: Take off both of the straps and don this kini strapless! Strapless is sexy because it shows off your gorgeous decolletage. 2. Single Strap: Hook your strap on the front right. Bring it across your shoudler and secure it on the back left. The single strap look is very fashion forward, we love the asymmetry! 3. Front Criss/Cross: Secure both straps at the front, then criss cross them across your chest and secure in the back. Perfect for showing off "the girls" ;) 4. Back Criss/Cross: Secure both straps at the front and bring over your shoulders. Criss cross them across your back and secure at opposite sides. Perfect for when you need to keep everything in place, like when you're surfing, snorkeling, wake-boarding, etc. 5. Halter Top: Use a single strap and hook on either side at the front. Bring it behind the nape of your neck and secure at the front. Style with a high ponytail for a girly, femme look. 6. Spaghetti Straps: Sewcure both straps at the front. Bring each one over the shoulder and secure on the corresponding back hook. Perfect for a classically chic beach look!  

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L*Space Demi Bandeau in Peacock

L*Space Demi Bandeau in Paprika

L*Space Demi Bandeau in Plumage Print