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1. Fashionista: For the girl who sees the sand as her runway and her bikini as the ultimate style statement, you'll need something with a "WOW" factor. Our Celestial Fringe Top and Estella Bottoms will leave this girl feeling like a superstar all Summer long. 2. Retro Babe: Never underestimate the power of a classic red bikini. For the girl who lives her life through a retro-colored filter, the timeless silhouette of the Demi Bandeau and Monique bottom is guaranteed to please the queen of kitsch. 3. Girly Girl: Why not add some extra femme to her bikini arsenal? The Hanki Panky skirted bottom paired with the ultra sweet Ariel Bandeau, both in her fave minty-fresh shade, are perfect for the girls who truly enjoy being girls! 4. Indie Queen: For your friend who knows every band, underground fashion label, and cool bar eons before you ever did- the Cozumel Peek-A-Boo top and Foxy Bottoms will have her, and all her cool friends, asking "Where did you find that?!" 5. Sporty Spice: This girl needs a bikini that will look good AND stay in place as she's hittin' the surf. The Strapback Top and Low Down bottom are both reversible, for maximum styling options, AND will keep the "girls" in place all day long.
When it comes To Christmas trees there is no such thing as to much bling. If you're worried about achieving maximum sparkle-age on a itty bitty budget- have no fear, beach babes! This Christmas ornament DIY from our friends at Crème de la Craft is majorly wallet friendly and will leave your tree shining brighter than the disco ball. Materials:  •  Glass ornament (I got a pack of 4 on sale at Michaels for $2!) •  CDs (choose ones that are silver underneath and not blue/purple. It takes about 1½ to make 1 ornament) •  Ribbon •  Scissors •  Glue gun Steps:  • Cut CDs into various small shapes and sizes. It's not the simplest material to cut through, but can be done with a decent pair of scissors. • Glue a small dot onto the ornament and press a piece of mosaic on top with the shiny side facing up. Be sure to wipe away any remaining "spiderwebs" from the glue gun. I find it much easier to clean as you go then to wait until the end. • Continue gluing until the entire ornament is covered. Tip: You can also place the ornament on top of a small cup to hold in place as you glue. • Place some ribbon inside the ornament. Since you can see through the glass ornament, this will cover up the glue dots on the inside and the back side of the CD pieces. Tip: Use bright ribbon to add some extra color.     For some more Holiday DIY projects check out the L*Space Pinterest.    

  Tea is always a good idea. Not only does it come in a zillion different delicious flavors, it’s actually good for your health AND has zero calories. (Yep, you heard that right- ZERO.) Tea is calming, great for your skin, speeds up your metabolism, and boosts your immune system. As one person put it, “A cup of tea is like having a bath on the inside.” Different types of tea will help aid your body in different ways, so we’ve created this handy-dandy Tea Drinkers Guide for your own personal reference…cheers!  
Behind the Scenes L*Space Photoshoot   We wrapped up our Summer 2014 Lookbook shoot just last week and now we’re giving you a behind-the-scenes sneak peek! Seriously, this new collection is to die for; think sunset inspired prints, neon brights, nautical touches, crochet detailing, and of course, fringe! The countdown for Summer 2014 is officially ON.   Special thanks to Bella Beach Jewels, Janessa Leone, That Madonna Girl, Long Lost Jewelry, Cleobella, Electric Eyewear, Theodora and Callum, Frieda and Nellie, Pearl Love Jewelry, Holst and Lee, and MTNG for generously lending us some amazing accessories to style with!   Behind the Scenes L*Space PhotoshootBehind the Scenes L*Space PhotoshootBehind the Scenes L*Space PhotoshootBehind the Scenes L*Space PhotoshootBehind the Scenes L*Space PhotoshootBehind the Scenes L*Space Photoshoot
L*Space Hanki Panki Bikini Bottom Reuse, Repurpose, Reinvent: That’s the mantra of bauble-making New York City based best friends Stacy Herzog and Sarah Reid, co-founders of our latest jewelry obsession, Frieda and Nellie. The duo, who met working in the fashion industry in New York, began to make bright, knotted friendship bracelets by hand, and combined them with rare vintage pieces from the 1920s-1970s to create what has become a sophisticated line of jewelry, in which each piece has a unique story. Frieda and Nellie Bracelets We've been piling on our Frieda and Nellie friendship bracelets, creating killer arm parties with tons of bright and bold colors! Love this Summer-camp inspired look? You can shop the Frieda and Nellie collection at