Oh Miami Swim we miss you, so. In honor of #TBT we're throwing it back to Saturday night's L*Space runway show at the Raleigh Hotel; with a quick and easy tutorial on how you can re-create the siren of the sea inspired "wet hair"...without looking like you just stepped out of the shower ;) 

We had Jonathan Levi Powell, of Jonathan Products, and his glam squad backstage to create this mermaid-inspired hair look. Here's how you can get the same look at home!

1. Spray hair with moisture for easy styling. 

2. Run Jonathan Product Hydracurls Leave-In Conditioner through wet hair to increase moisture and prevent frizz. 

3. Part hair horizontally in three sections. 

4. Starting with the section closest to the nape of the neck, take 1 inch sections and run Jonathan Product Hydracurls Styling Gel Creme through the hair from the root to tip. 

5. Add waves to each i inch section by twisting hair between fingertips starting at the root and working down to the tips. 

6. Repeat until the entire section has been twisted piece by piece, then move to the next divided part working up towards the roots. 

7. Spray the entire section with Jonathan Product Hydracurls Reactivating Sea Mist to seal in moisture for the perfect beachy wave.

WOW- what a show! We debuted our "The Water Is Waiting" collection to a PACKED house at Mercedes Benz Fashion week last night at the Raleigh Hotel. Our models were transformed into Sirens of the Sea by the Stila Cosmetics make-up team and the Jonathan Products hair team. We also had Flash Tattoos girl on hand to give our girls golden fish scales reminiscent of a mermaid. The look was Siren of the Sea...and absolutely stunning! 

Our runway was quite literally an ocean, so the models appeared to be walking on water! It was quite a sight to see, and unlike anything that's every been done at MBFW Swim! 

Our new collection really rocked the runway. Some of our favorite elements of the Spring 2015 season are colorful, tribal inspired prints, bold cut-outs, back detailing, hints of crochet, and bold & bright colors. We also debuted more apparel than ever before, with styles meant to be worn from the beach to the bistro or from the sand to the street. From maxi dresses to beach pants, and knitwear to easy-to-wear cover ups, these styles will become closet staples and wardrobe favorites! 

This year's L*Space runway show was one for the books! As Monica said, “it’s like the best day of the year outside of my birthday and Christmas!" And she is absolutely right! Can't wait 'til next year...when we do it all over again! 

By the way, you can shop these 6 pre-sale styles FRESH from the runway on our website, and be the first babe on the beach in BRAND NEW Spring 2015 L*Space collection! 
Today was the calm before tomorrow's runway show storm. We had our makeup pre-test with the always fabulous Sarah Lucero and her glam squad from Stila Cosmetics, and one of our fave beach babes Rocky Barnes stopped by to be our glam guinea pig. Naturally, a photo shoot ensued.

We stayed in our suite at The Sagamore all day, working away. Models came in and out for fittings and last minute outfit changes. One of our stylists was DIY'ing the "Siren of the Sea" accessories for the runway, while the rest of the team worked on the final run of show and tied up last minute details. 

Later in the evening, we went over to the Delano to meet with our Cocobelle sandals team, and mixed a little business with pleasure over drinks. All in all, it was calm day for being mid-fashion week. Can't wait until tomorrow...the big day is finally here! 

Until next time, XO. 
What a whirlwind it's been! Miami Swim Week is already off to a crazy start and we are soaking up every minute of the fashion madness! We landed on Wednesday evening, freshened ourselves up, and went straight to The Raleigh for dinner, drinks, dessert, and shop talk. Jet lag wasn't going to keep us from hitting the town... ;) 

On Thursday morning, we were up bright and early to get started with the model casting, hair test, and styling. We saw HUNDREDS of beautiful babes; they came, they sashayed, they showed off their bangin' bods. How could we choose only a handful?! Eventually we narrowed it down, and started fitting all the girls in their looks. We seriously can't WAIT for everyone to see the new's TO DIE FOR. ABC also stopped by to film our casting process and interview Monica! 

Next up, we had our hair run-through with Jonathan Powell of Jonathan Product, who created an AMAZINGLY sexy wet-hair look for our runway show. Not much more we can say about'll just have the wait until Saturday to see the full look!

After a quick outfit change, we kicked off Swim Week in style at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 10th anniversary party! L*Space was a guest of honor, with a Mercedes Benz CLS getting outfitted in one of this season's hottest prints: Antigua White. Not ONLY was there a Mercedes outfitted in L*Space, but they created a matching limited-edition L*Space caftan to go with it. So. Chic. All in all, it was a glamorous affair filled with fashion folk and celebrities alike. 

We can't wait to see what the rest of the week has in store...and REALLY can't wait to finally unveil our "The Water Is Waiting" collection on Saturday night! 

PS - Did we mention that after the show on Saturday night you'll be able to shop NEW styles fresh from the L*Space runway on Stay tuned for more details, L*Space lovers! 

Until tomorrow! Xo

The most coveted style of any bikini babe is, of course, “the beachy wave”. You know the look; those perfectly tousled waves only made possible by lounging in the sun and swimming in the sea. We’ve tried and tried, again and again, to recreate this look without the aid the ocean, but to no avail….

UNTIL NOW. That’s right, ladies. We’ve found the holy grail of all products to achieve the perfectly un-perfect beachy wave- no trip to the beach required! 

It’s called Reactivating Sea Mist from Jonathan Product. Spray this stuff liberally throughout your towel dried hair. For a tighter beach wave, twist hair into a bun and  diffuse with a blow dryer. For a softer, more natural wave, simply scrunch your hair several times and let it air dry. Mermaid hair achieved!