DIY Festival Necklace

Putting the finishing touches on your outfits for weekend 1 of Coachella? Don’t forget about the accessories (& we’re not just talking about flower crowns)!

Here’s a quick and easy DIY you and your festival squad can make. All you need is a quick trip to your local craft store and a little creativity to make this super easy no-sew festival-inspired necklace!


Here's what you need:

-Leather cord

-Cut Cowry Shells (If you can't find em' at the beach, you can purchase them here)

-Assorted Silver Conchos (Find them at your local craft store or purchase them here)


-Beads (We recommend a thick bead with ¼’’ inch hole)

-Measuring Tape  

Step 1. Grab your leather cord, measure out 2 feet & cut.  

Step 2. Fold your leather cord in half & then thread one end of the leather through the concho so that the cord is running vertically though one end. Repeat on the other side so that the leather cord is threaded vertically through both ends of the concho. 


Step 3. Add your stabilizing bead to both ends of the leather & pull through. 

Step 4. After stringing through your stabilizer/decorative beads, add your cut cowry shells to both ends of the leather. Knot & tie the shell (Expert tip: After knotting the shell, leave ¼ inch of leather sticking out. String excess leather through bead & cut for seamless finish). 


Step 5. Adjust the concho to where you would like it to lay on our neck (we suggest adjusting the concho low) & then pulling it up once you decide how many times you want to loop.  

Step 6. Make one for your bestie (chances are you'll have extra leather chord, bead + shells why not make one for your BFF or your whole festival squad?!) 
Headed to Coachella this weekend? Make sure to your festival photos with us! Tag us on Instagram using #LSPACEeveryday for a chance to be featured! See ya in the desert! 


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