L*SPACE Behind the Brand: Meet Brittany

behind the scenes

Your role at L*SPACE...


Describe your typical daily routine...

I typically get up around 5:30 am and hit the gym - my go-tos are cross training workouts with my personal trainer or a cycling class at Grit Cycle. I always try to mix in a little yoga and meditation every week. 

After my workout, I head home, shower, and head off to work. My typical day at the office is filled with playing with bikinis, choosing fabrics and colors, and endless meetings. I am always super busy! After work, I head home and usually do a sunset walk with my boyfriend and pup before we start cooking dinner. Lately, we have been doing a lot of meals from Plated – they are delicious! After dinner is done and the kitchen is cleaned, we usually turn on a movie or read a book before bed.

In 3 words, how would you describe your personal style?

Low maintenance, casual, girly

Where can we find you on the weekends?

My boyfriend and I love traveling on the weekends but when we are home, we are usually spending time at the beach. We live in a great little beach town in South Orange County so hitting the beach is always on the agenda.

How would you describe the L*Space girl?

Motivated, independent, health-conscious but never says no to a good time

Dream vacation spot?

Spain! I hope to take my honeymoon there someday (wink, wink)

Best way to treat yourself?

I treat myself through travel. Anytime I’m feeling a little burned out, I like to book a long weekend trip and explore a new city!

What advice would you give your 17 year-old self?

Don’t be so concerned about what others think about you. It took me a long time to become completely comfortable with my personal style, work ethic, and who I am as a person but, once I did, I found true happiness.

Check out Brittany's style picks here!

Behind The Scenes: L*Space x The Shop Laguna

behind the scenes

We had a blast shooting beach babes Natazha Mcduffle and Jen Hawkins for one of our fave boutiques, The Shop Laguna! With the help of talented local photographer Brie Lakin, they perfectly captured the carefree girls' weekend vibe we were going for.

Spicy margs and fish tacos served as the perfect props (and may or may not have made a tasty snack, too).

The chic bungalows at the Pacific Edge Hotel were a great backdrop for the first half of our shoot. After that we made our way down to Woods Cove, where we soaked up the sunshine and salty air. Workin' hard or hardly workin'...not bad for a Monday! 





Behind The Scenes: Creating our Travel Organizer

behind the scenes

Heading into bikini season, we wanted to create the perfect piece to keep all of your travel essentials organized on-the-go. So we developed our Travel Organizer, designed to carry everything from your bikinis to your lotions and potions!

But it had to be beautiful as well as functional, so we sought out Laguna Beach-based artist Megan Blanco to create the imagery for the carryall. Known for painting lush botanical prints in vibrant colors, Megan envisioned a plants-on-pink design. Check out her process below!

Collecting Inspiration

Megan worked with L*SPACE Founder Monica Wise to hone in on the concept of the bag, saying "we wanted something tropical and fun, but with a timeless feel." She pulled inspiration ranging from banana palms, to candy-colored classic Cuban cars, to sandy beaches (naturally). 

Sketches & Swatches

The next step was creating several sketches with sample color palettes. Megan drew these and tested out the colors in watercolor so Monica could get a feel for each design. "Watercolor is a great way to get your ideas on paper quickly," she told us. 

The Final Painting

After the design was finalized, Megan used oil paint to create the image on a flat gesso board. "I chose the board over a canvas because it has a smoother surface, which in my opinion is easier to paint on." The board also allowed Megan to scan the image as it's less cumbersome than a bulky canvas. "These days everything is digital, and that makes sense," she told us. "It's easy and there's a fast turnaround. But Monica wanted this to have a true painterly feel, so this was the only way to do it! The end result has a beautiful vintage-tropics feel. I'm super happy with it!"


Our Travel Organizer is now available FREE with any purchase of $250 or more! Visit for more info.

Visit Megan's website + Instagram page for more of her work.

Photography by Natalie Falcone.

L*SPACE Summer 2018 Sneak Peek + Playlist

behind the scenes style

This season we jetted off to the Big Island of Hawaii with model Bridget Malcolm to capture the island-cool feel of our Summer 2018 collection. Our design team incorporated '90s throwback elements with classic, sexy silhouettes for the ultimate beach bombshell look. Take a sneak peek at the collection and get stoked for summer with our Slice Of Paradise Spotify Playlist.

Can you feel the warm breeze yet? We can...welcome to our Slice of Paradise.

Behind the Collection: Slice of Paradise

Behind the Scences behind the scenes l*space L*SPACE Designers Slice of Paradise Spring 2018

The launch of a new season is always our favorite time. A time when a fresh color palette mixed with new textures and silhouettes inspires fresh design.

So how does the collection travel from the design room to the white-sandy beaches of Kauai? Join us behind the scenes with L*SPACE Designers Sasha and Oanh, as we offer a sneak peek of our Spring 2018 campaign: Slice of Paradise

L*SPACE: What is the inspiration behind ‘Slice of Paradise’?

Oanh: “We wanted to paint a picture of what paradise means to us—in hopes that we’ll inspire others to do the same.  Be adventurous. Take a leap of faith.  Do what you want when you want and find your slice of paradise wherever it may be.”

Sasha: “Slice of Paradise, is finding your little piece of paradise in the everyday—whether it’s on hanging on the beach with a cool cocktail, hanging with your girlfriends or traveling the world.”

L*SPACE: In designing the new collection, who is the woman that you’re designing for?

Oanh: “We design for everywoman and every body type each season.  For this collection, we focused on the sporty woman with an adventurous gypsy mindset. She loves travelling and being active. She has an equally strong body as she does strong mind.”  

L*SPACE: Which pieces from the new collection are you most excited about this season?

Sasha: “We’ve added some really amazing new one pieces this season that we’re really excited about. The new reversible Rita, the sport and sleek Ryder and the adorable new button up Stella are some of my personal faves. I also love our new Color Block Rebel Top and Portia Bottom. I have such a love for vintage and these are so cute and retro inspired.”

Oanh: “My favorite piece in the line is the Stella one piece –it’s simple and classic. In terms of colors, I’m loving our new lipstick red!”

 Shop our new Slice of Paradise collection HERE.