Behind the Collection: Slice of Paradise

Behind the Scences behind the scenes l*space L*SPACE Designers Slice of Paradise Spring 2018

The launch of a new season is always our favorite time. A time when a fresh color palette mixed with new textures and silhouettes inspires fresh design.

So how does the collection travel from the design room to the white-sandy beaches of Kauai? Join us behind the scenes with L*SPACE Designers Sasha and Oanh, as we offer a sneak peek of our Spring 2018 campaign: Slice of Paradise

L*SPACE: What is the inspiration behind ‘Slice of Paradise’?

Oanh: “We wanted to paint a picture of what paradise means to us—in hopes that we’ll inspire others to do the same.  Be adventurous. Take a leap of faith.  Do what you want when you want and find your slice of paradise wherever it may be.”

Sasha: “Slice of Paradise, is finding your little piece of paradise in the everyday—whether it’s on hanging on the beach with a cool cocktail, hanging with your girlfriends or traveling the world.”

L*SPACE: In designing the new collection, who is the woman that you’re designing for?

Oanh: “We design for everywoman and every body type each season.  For this collection, we focused on the sporty woman with an adventurous gypsy mindset. She loves travelling and being active. She has an equally strong body as she does strong mind.”  

L*SPACE: Which pieces from the new collection are you most excited about this season?

Sasha: “We’ve added some really amazing new one pieces this season that we’re really excited about. The new reversible Rita, the sport and sleek Ryder and the adorable new button up Stella are some of my personal faves. I also love our new Color Block Rebel Top and Portia Bottom. I have such a love for vintage and these are so cute and retro inspired.”

Oanh: “My favorite piece in the line is the Stella one piece –it’s simple and classic. In terms of colors, I’m loving our new lipstick red!”

 Shop our new Slice of Paradise collection HERE. 

Haute Tropics: Resort/Spring 17’ Designer Inspiration

behind the scenes Haute Tropics L*SPACE L*SPACE Designers Spring 2017 style

Here at L*SPACE, we’re always waiting in anticipation for the launch of a new season. We sat down with our designers Oanh (pronounced coin with an O) & Sasha to learn more about their inspiration behind Haute Tropics. 

 Walk us through the design process for a new season.

Oanh: It all starts with a conversation between our design team. We sit down and discuss what we’re loving. We pull tears from our favorite magazines & grab inspiration from trends in pop culture. From there we discuss what we want to see in the new line and then we’ll discuss colors, fabrics, and textures.

Sasha: Every season we’ll also incorporate some of our own designer flair.  You’ll see hints of Oanh’s love of vintage & sporty/athletic-inspired pieces and my love of animal prints.

Oanh: With all the trends now, we like to take a look back and pull inspiration to make it more modern.  We love the bikini Mom rocked in the 70’s & 80’s, but we don’t want to necessarily wear the same suit Mom wore. Instead, we’ll pull inspiration and redesign Mom’s bikini to make it more modern and on-trend.

What is the design inspiration behind Spring 17?

Oanh: Haute Tropics. It’s about this girl from Hawaii who lives and breathes the Island lifestyle. She throws on her bikini and lives this simple Hawaiian lifestyle yet looks totally chic on and off the beach.

Sasha: It’s a mix of nostalgia and living simply. It’s that feeling of laying on the beach, totally carefree before we were so digitally connected and overstimulated on technology.

 What pieces are you most excited about this season & why?

Sasha: For swim, I’m super excited about our new Pamela One Piece. It’s a sexy throwback and a great versatile one piece for many different body types. I also really love our new Moon Chaser Coverup (coming soon) because it’s something totally different.  

Oanh: I personally love our new Romi Top (coming soon) because you can wear it on and off the beach. I’m also loving our new Ocean Drive Vest (coming soon) because it’s like a t-shirt since it’s such a versatile piece and can be worn so many ways.

Oanh: You can expect to see bold colors and prints this season. We’re also putting a new spin on our high-neck tops and creating more lingerie-inspired pieces such as our Redondo & Frenchie (coming soon). You’ll also see some new textures, such as ribbing which is also new for us.

Sasha: Expect to see more swim and apparel that blur the lines blurring the lines between apparel & swim with barely-there shades and colors. Also, we’re excited to re-introduce fringe back into the line in a new way!

Shop our new Haute Tropics collection HERE