No Carve Pumpkin DIY

Flash Tattoo DIY Flash Tattoos Halloween Halloween DIY Pumpkin DIY

Let’s be honest, the idea of carving a pumpkin sounds wonderful yet the reality of scraping out its mushy insides with our hands and nails doesn’t exactly put a smile on our face. This year, skip the mess and say no to stress with our no carve Flash Tattoo pumpkin DIY.

What You’ll Need:

- Pumpkin 

Flash Tattoos

- Scissors

- Sponge brush

- Water

Step 1:  Plan & Cut

 Start by cutting out the flash tattoo designs from the sheet. Once you have all the tattoos you will be using on the pumpkin, lay them out to determine the placement on your pumpkin.

 Step 2: Stick

 Remove the clear sheet & place the tattoo directly face down on the pumpkin and tap lightly with a wet sponge (just as you would do if you were applying them on your skin!)

 Step 3: Peel

 Once the tattoo begins to adhere to the pumpkin, lightly peel back the paper.

 Step 4: Repeat!

 Repeat steps 2 & 3 until your design is complete. Have fun with placement!

Other Tips & Tricks:

- Don’t forget to remove the clear plastic sheet on the tattoo before you wet the sponge & attempt to stick to the pumpkin

- Keep the dry tattoos away from the water so they don’t accidently get wet from the sponge brush

- Don’t be afraid to get creative & cut up bits and pieces of larger tattoos to make new designs

 Easiest pumpkin ever…right? Happy DIY-ing!

Don’t forget to pick up your pack of Flash Tattoos HERE. 

Netflix & Chill With Your Girls

fall girls night Halloween L*SPACE lspace netflix

As we're slowly grasping the fact that summer is officially over and Fall is in full swing, we have to admit we're excited to start pulling out the sweaters, consuming pumpkin-spiced everything, and opting for relaxing nights in with our squad. Sure, a girls’ nights out is always fun, but as the weather cools down, nothing beats a girls night in! Get that group text going and grab these essentials for your next girls’ night:

1. Wine | Because every epic girls' night always starts with a bottle of wine. #priorities

2. Comfy Clothes | Unwinding with the girls requires an outfit that lets you get your lounge on. Our pick is a cute over-sized sweater with our new Runaway Capris.

3. Yummy Snacks | Whether it's brownies, cookies or candy, delicious snacks (we recommend one involving chocolate) are always a must.

4. Beauty Treatment | It's not a true girls' night unless everyone is covered in face masks. To combat the dry, fall weather, we love a moisturizing one like Philosophy's Renewed Hope in a Jar.

5. Nail Polish | Getting your nails ready for the week is way more fun when it's with your girlfriends, and we can't wait to start taking out our fall colors.

6. Netflix | Last but not least, a Netflix binge is the ultimate necessity to completing a girls' night in. In the spirit of Halloween, we'll be watching something creepy like Stranger Things or American Horror Story.

We Wear White After Labor Day

Here at L*SPACE we believe rules (like modest necklines) are meant to be broken. With summer coming to a close, we’re encouraging you to break all the rules and incorporate your summer whites into your post-Labor Day wardrobe. After all, it makes perfect sense to do so when the temperatures in most parts of the country feel far from Fall!

With a few styling tricks, here’s how you can transition 3 different pieces in our new resort line and make them appropriate for Fall.


Wear it all day & leave it on all night. The button closure on the vest transforms this light and billowy cover up into vest. We pair it with a pair of dark denim skinnies & ankle booties to make it more season appropriate. When the temperatures cool down, we’ll layer over a long sleeve tee or turtleneck.


We gave our little white romper an instant Fall update by pairing it with a denim jacket & fringe ankle boots. For the ultimate cool-girl look, drape the denim jacket off the shoulders & polish off the look with a wide-brimmed hat.


We took our best-selling summer tunic and it fall-friendly by pairing it with autumnal colors such as burgundy, camel, and teal. Tuck the tunic in and pair it with a cut off denim cut-offs or ankle denim jeans.

Go ahead ladies…break those fashion rules! Show us how you transition your wardrobe using #LSPACEeveryday on Instagram

L*Space Labor Day Playlist

Labor Day Labor Day Playlist Spotify

Labor Day brings the official end to the summer season, and although we’re sad to say goodbye, we’re excited to put on our bikinis for one last hurrah.

Whether you’re lounging by the pool or hitting the beach this weekend, kick-back & relax this 3-day weekend with some of our favorite sounds of summer.   

Haute Tropics: Resort/Spring 17’ Designer Inspiration

Haute Tropics L*SPACE L*SPACE Designers Spring 2017

Here at L*SPACE, we’re always waiting in anticipation for the launch of a new season. We sat down with our designers Oanh (pronounced coin with an O) & Sasha to learn more about their inspiration behind Haute Tropics. 

 Walk us through the design process for a new season.

Oanh: It all starts with a conversation between our design team. We sit down and discuss what we’re loving. We pull tears from our favorite magazines & grab inspiration from trends in pop culture. From there we discuss what we want to see in the new line and then we’ll discuss colors, fabrics, and textures.

Sasha: Every season we’ll also incorporate some of our own designer flair.  You’ll see hints of Oanh’s love of vintage & sporty/athletic-inspired pieces and my love of animal prints.

Oanh: With all the trends now, we like to take a look back and pull inspiration to make it more modern.  We love the bikini Mom rocked in the 70’s & 80’s, but we don’t want to necessarily wear the same suit Mom wore. Instead, we’ll pull inspiration and redesign Mom’s bikini to make it more modern and on-trend.

What is the design inspiration behind Spring 17?

Oanh: Haute Tropics. It’s about this girl from Hawaii who lives and breathes the Island lifestyle. She throws on her bikini and lives this simple Hawaiian lifestyle yet looks totally chic on and off the beach.

Sasha: It’s a mix of nostalgia and living simply. It’s that feeling of laying on the beach, totally carefree before we were so digitally connected and overstimulated on technology.

 What pieces are you most excited about this season & why?

Sasha: For swim, I’m super excited about our new Pamela One Piece. It’s a sexy throwback and a great versatile one piece for many different body types. I also really love our new Moon Chaser Coverup (coming soon) because it’s something totally different.  

Oanh: I personally love our new Romi Top (coming soon) because you can wear it on and off the beach. I’m also loving our new Ocean Drive Vest (coming soon) because it’s like a t-shirt since it’s such a versatile piece and can be worn so many ways.

Oanh: You can expect to see bold colors and prints this season. We’re also putting a new spin on our high-neck tops and creating more lingerie-inspired pieces such as our Redondo & Frenchie (coming soon). You’ll also see some new textures, such as ribbing which is also new for us.

Sasha: Expect to see more swim and apparel that blur the lines blurring the lines between apparel & swim with barely-there shades and colors. Also, we’re excited to re-introduce fringe back into the line in a new way!

Shop our new Haute Tropics collection HERE