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May 22, 2020

How to Properly Take Care of Your Bikinis

Nothing compliments a bikini like the sun, sand, and sea. However, over time these elements can take a toll on your favorite 'kinis if not properly cared for. Ensure they stay looking good all summer long (and beyond) by checking out our tips for properly taking care of your bikinis!

Wash After Each Wear
Even if you don't go in the water, sand, sunscreen and your body's natural oils can still wear down your bikini. Extend the life of the fabric by making sure to wash your suit after every wear. Try to wash it as soon as you're done wearing it - if you're unable to do that, at least give it a gentle rinse under cool water until you can get to a sink with some soap. 

Q: What type of soap should I be using?

A: Any clear, gentle detergent will work (look for one that's unscented or formulated for sensitive skin). But we recommend a detergent that's specially formulated for bikinis like Bikinis Over Everything. It's a light, all-natural wash that will get your 'kinis clean while leaving them buttery soft and bright. 

Hand Wash
Sure, it's much easier to just toss your suit in the washing machine (we're all guilty of this) but trust us it's worth taking the time to hand wash! This is the key to preserving the integrity of the fabric.

Q: How should I wash my swimsuit?

A: Here's our formula for success...

Fill basin with cool water
Add your bikini and a few drops of the bikini wash
Gently knead the soap into the fabric
Let it soak for 10-15 min
Hang or lay flat to dry in a shaded area

    Be Gentle
    Avoid loosening fabric by aggressively wringing out wet suits or drying them on rough surfaces. There's nothing worse than saggy bikini butt! After washing, gently rinse with fresh, cool water and lightly wring out your bikini. Then lay it flat to dry on a towel.
    Q: What if I have a stain or mark? Can I scrub my bikini?
    A: We don't recommend using bleach or other stain removers on your swimwear. If you have a tough spot like deodorant marks or sunscreen, dampen the area before washing and add a drop of your bikini soap. Let it sit for a few minutes, then knead just the tough spot to work in the soap - then soak and wash the entire suit as normal. 
    Don't Dry in Direct Sunlight 
    If you're drying your swimsuits outside, stay away from placing them in direct sunlight. Drying in the sun too long can cause damage to the fabric.
    Q: Can I hang my bikinis to dry?
    A: We don't recommend this as it could cause your suit to dry slightly misshapen. Lay it flat on a towel to preserve the silhouette and fit!

    Stay Away from Heat
    Never (we repeat, never) iron or throw your suits in the dryer! Just like sunlight, too much heat will break down the delicate fabric over time and compromise the color and silhouette of your suit. 
    Q: What if I put it in the dryer on a low temp?
    A: We still don't advise this because the tumble action of a dryer could be too harsh on delicates. Laying them flat to dry might take longer, but we swear it's worth the wait!
    We know our suits are an investment - they're meant to be worn and cherished season after season. That's why we always say "Buy Better, Wear Longer." And when you treat these 'kinis like the premium quality that they are, they'll be by your side on all your future adventures for years to come! 


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