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August 17, 2020

A Day in the Life of an Entrepreneur with Lindsay Albanese

Do you ever meet someone and just think, "Dang, that girl is #goals!" Well, that's us with boss babe Lindsay Albanese. Inventor of the genius hat holder TOPTOTE and founder of her namesake fashion accessories brand, Lindsay's Instagram offers a peek into her career, tips for success, and of course, her enviable wardrobe. We caught up with Lindsay with a Q&A to get our own inside scoop into a busy entrepreneur's life and style...

a day in the life an entrepreneur with Lindsay Albanese

Hi! I'm Lindsay, the inventor of the patented hat holder TOPTOTE and the founder of my namesake lifestyle accessories brand. My credibility in the fashion industry is rooted in celebrity styling for 15 years, but I retired about 6 years ago. I styled everyone from Sarah Hyland to Jimmy Kimmel (to name a few) as well as for productions such as American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, and Britney Spears' "Toxic" music video. Fashion styling was an incredible, WILD ride but after traveling the world and styling every shape and size, I realized I had conquered that profession and needed to pivot into my next chapter. 

In the past 6 years I have shared my fashion styling and small business expertise and tips on my own social media channels (where I have over 500K followers combined). I have also appeared on just about every major TV show and have hosted style segments on E!, Today Show, The Real, and Extra! to name a few. My goal moving forward is to continue to evolve the Lindsay Albanese brand offerings by creating serviceable style products that makes people's lives easier. I tell people all the time, "I don't just want to make cute shit, I want to make products that create conversation and make people's lives easier!" So, here's how I juggle it all. 

lindsay albanese


I wake up each day at:

It varies, but usually between 7-8:15AM

How I get the day going:

I open all the blinds in the house, coffee, and then I sit get up for 15 minutes without any technology. In that order. I am completely against checking emails when I crack open my eyes. I did that for years and it's the worst way to start the day!

My typical breakfast:

A fruit smoothie with vegan protein powder

My typical work wardrobe:

My style is consistently a mix of feminine and masculine at the same time. 

I start working at:

Between 7:30-8:30AM


My typical workday looks like:

Usually 8AM-9/10PM. At home it's emails, conference calls, emails, get ready, shoot a TikTok and stories, post on all my social media accounts, respond to comments, more emails, a few more meetings! Then I leave to go to my office, go over new product development, shoot more content, emailsssss. There are a zillion moving parts with a product business, it's never ending! I do all of this while simultaneously trying not to leave a huge mess in my path because organization = sanity.

How I stay organized:

Spreadsheets and documents are created and continuously updated for every single project or task. This keeps us organized, and all information is at the ready whenever we need to reference it. 

My top tips for productivity:

For me, following my passion and curiosity within my profession has been the fuel to my productivity. Loving what you do is liberating and energizing. And well, exhausting too haha!

My lunch break looks like:

Usually between 1-2:30, and typically something vegan or a salad. I know, so boring! 


I stop working around:


Dinnertime looks like:

If I am lucky, tacos. But usually something low carb. Ugh, but I wish it was fried or pasta! 

Favorite way to wind down in the evening:

Spend time with my husband and have a cocktail

My "L" right now is:

Staying busy. Not enough to do? Take on new projects, dive into something you have been putting off. This is the time to dabble or think more into what you want big picture. There's a lot less pressure to make a big splash at anything right now so this should take a little edge off and provide some clarity. I have faith the world will not be like this forever, and when things start to turn around you want to be clear with what you want long term! 


Lindsay Albanese wearing the lee lee bikini top and frenchi bikini bottom


You can shop TOPTOTE here!

And check out fashion stylist Lindsay Albanese's @lspace IG story takeover in our highlights here. 




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