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February 26, 2021

All About Skinimalism with @the_skinthusiast

Hi L*Space fam! For those of you who don't know me yet, my name is Amy. I am a Cosmetic Dermatology Physician Assistant with a passion for the science of skin care and living a balanced lifestyle. My blog The Skinthusiast is a place of education where viewers can come for unbiased opinion, researched recommendations and recreate-able steps towards health and wellness to help you achieve your glow from the inside out. I also talk about all things skincare on my Instagram account @the_skinthusiast!

I took over L*Space's IG stories (you can catch it saved in their highlights!) and I'm hopping on here to share the skincare trend that's been gaining popularity this year: skinimalism. 

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Skinimalism is the art of a "less is more" approach with our skincare and beauty routines. Say goodbye to overflowing skin care shelves, and hello to more intentional regimens. Perhaps due to our new perspective from 2020 and a renewed appreciation for a slower pace in life, the idea behind skinimalism is having fewer steps that are still efficacious. 

For years, mainstream media has encouraged us to use the best foundation and cover every pore or flaw, but the focus is now changing. There are now "skinclusive" beauty campaigns showcasing models with hyper pigmentation and freckles applying their favorite minimal makeup. Models with acne are gracing the runways a popular fashion shows...and skinimalism is the new buzzword. 

Many people are no longer interested in a 10-step skincare regimen, and are sick of hiding behind a full face of makeup. I think this new trend is fantastic for us grown women (and men) who can no longer be bothered to spend hours agonizing over our skin (hellooo, we have important things to change the world!) And it's especially beneficial for our younger generations who are growing up in the world of Instagram filters and Photoshop. I hope this new trend inspires them to embrace their natural beauty and not compare themselves to the highlight reels they see on social media. 

What's funny is that Dermatology providers have been preaching the benefits of this "less is more" approach for years. We know that an efficacious skincare regimen doesn't have to be an extensive one. In fact, if you brought your 10-step regimen to your Dermatology provider she may just cringe! Often times more products leads to more irritation and more problems. 

So, what does a skinimalistic skincare regimen look like? Well, here is my spin on it, including only the necessities!





4. SPF



2. RETINOL (*should not be used while pregnant or breastfeeding)


Notice no essences, face mists, or harsh scrubs...we're getting back to the basics here!

Are you a maximalist or minimalist when it comes to your skincare or beauty routine? Curious about trying a simplified regimen? Hop over to my page and let me know your skincare must-haves!

- The Skinthusiast 


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