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April 15, 2020

Booty Burn: At-Home Workout with Tori Simeone

Looking for an at-home workout that'll make you feel the burn? We caught up with fitness blogger babe Tori Simeone to get the scoop on her current living room routine of choice. You don't even need any equipment (but grab some weights and booty band if you're feelin' ambitious). 

The Ren Top is optional, but we think it makes for a pretty cute sweat-to-sand 'fit! 

BOOTY BURN with Tori Simeone

This is a circuit style class. Each trio is it’s own circuit, move 1+2 of the circuit are done for 45 seconds, resting 15 seconds in between. Repeat 2x through, finish with 60 seconds of the cardio move! This will be about 30 minutes total. 

Squat walk with pulse
Kickbacks with Tricep extension
Cardio Move 1 minute Drop Squats
Side Lunge with arms
Deadlift with row
Cardio Move Power Jacks
Curtsey Lunge
Goddess Squats
Cardio Move Wide second punches
Tabletop Parallel Lower / Lift
Tabletop Turnout Lower / Lift
Cardio Move Bridge burnout
Quick abs + Bridge burn to finish!


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