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March 12, 2021

Female Founder Feature: Monica Wise

This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating all week long by highlighting female founders who innovate and inspire. And you could say we're biased, but we may have saved the best for last - we caught up with the boss lady herself, L*SPACE founder Monica Wise! Read on to get the scoop on what inspires her, how her brand has evolved over its 20 year legacy, and how she stays positive.

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What inspired you to start L*SPACE?

I’ve always had a thing for the beach lifestyle, and bikinis became my obsession in my early 20s. Back then, brands weren’t focused on the “fit” like they are today. My vision was creating a product that made women feel absolutely beautiful and empowered, when they were wearing the very least...all through impeccable fits! 

What are you most proud of? 

I’m most proud of the community we have curated throughout the years as well as the way our customers really embrace the meaning of L*SPACE. We are all about making women feel good. I love how we have grown and evolved into a brand for lots of shapes, colors and sizes. The industry in general has come a long way since I founded L*SPACE and though there's still a long way to go I’m proud to see that change start to come to life!

What was your very first L*SPACE design and how has the brand evolved over the last 20+ years? 

When I first launched our brand, I used a lot of hardware, super skimpy cuts, and overall the vibes of the collection were overtly sexy. (Hey, it was the early 2000s...think old school Victoria's Secret). Today, we have evolved into a well-rounded brand that welcomes all women, and we really focus on creating styles with a customer-first mindset.

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What’s one piece of professional advice you’d give to women?

Believe in yourself and most importantly, be yourself! I learned early on in my fashion career to have honesty in all of my business dealings. I’ve always believed in treating all people, at all levels, with respect and dignity. 

L*SPACE is about welcoming everyday moments, no matter how big or small. What brings joy to your everyday?  

My husband and I just moved into a new home that includes a legit gym! I stay super motivated to get my daily workouts in.

L*SPACE is known for its cheerful, living life on the bright side vibe. What have you been doing to stay positive and optimistic during this challenging year?  

Ironically, going through this challenging time has made me appreciate my life more. I keep a gratitude list to remind myself that there's so much to be grateful for. And I have really trained myself to eat fresh, healthy food, as well as exercising my body and mind daily.


You can follow Monica on Instagram here! And shop her creations at

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