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October 11, 2022

Health and Wellness Day by @setsandthecityla

We teamed up with @setsandthecityla for the ultimate health + wellness day. They led us through the beautiful canyons in Malibu to a pilates/yoga flow under the trees, and down to the scenic Malibu creek where we shared stories and jumped into the creek for a post hike cool down.

@setsandthecity is an all-things-active Instagram account ran by two LA girls, Hailey Batchelor and Kaila King - they are known for touring various studios in Los Angeles and leaving reliable reviews on the various workouts they indulge in. They are wearing their favorite active pieces from the newest Tessa Brooks x LSPACE collection. Kaila in the New Heights & Hailey wearing the Hustle Up Jumper.


“There’s something so special in setting some time aside to do a positive and healthy act for you and no one else. A run with friends, a sweaty yoga session, a cart full of new workout sets or an early morning face masks are some of the things I call “to me, from me.” These are the little moments of intention towards building a healthier, stronger me. It’s something I encourage everyone to find! That’s why I love building @setsandthecityla with Hailey, to share some of my “to me, from me” with others and foster a community inspired by health & wellness.”

xx Kaila

“My idea of health and wellness began to shift when I understood that there is so much more that nourishes us besides the food on our plate. For me, that is movement (especially, in a cute LSPACE set), being immersed in nature, and being surrounded by my loved ones. This is a huge reason why Kaila & I created @setsandthecityla. I encourage everyone to find the things in life that truly nourish you.”

xx Hailey

If you are needing a break from reality and want to mentally recharge - grab your closest friends and head to Malibu Creek State Park trial, bring a yoga mat, journal, bathing suit & snacks! Oh, don’t forget to wear your favorite LSPACE active pieces and tag us so we can follow along with your journey too! ;)


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