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April 29, 2020

Health & Wellness Tips with Alec Treffers

With a passion for inspiring the healthy spirit animal in others, Alec Treffers has one of our favorite blogs to follow for all things health and wellness. So we were excited to have her take over our IG stories to share some insights into her everyday routine. We definitely could use allll the inspiration right now! Get to know her a little better below:

Where are you from?

Born and bre(a)d in Orange County, CA

When did you decide to start your blog?

I started my Instagram account (@WhatAlecEats) in grad school, when my love for cooking really took off. I recently rebranded to @AlecTreffs this year, as my content has since evolved to be much more than “what I eat.”

What’s your favorite type of workout?

I am a former college athlete (I played volleyball for Arizona State University. Go Sun Devils!), and thus I am competitive and crave a challenging workout. My weeks are a balance of HIIT workouts and hot yoga.

What do you eat in a typical day?

During the week, my breakfast is almost always my protein egg white oatmeal. There is a tutorial for that recipe in my highlights on my Instagram page! For lunch, it’s a big salad with roasted veggies, chicken, sauerkraut with a drizzle of either Primal Kitchen, Kaari, or a homemade dressing. My go-to snack right now is rice cakes (the Lundberg Tamari with Seaweed rice cakes are insanely good), with Cilantro Chili Bitchin Sauce and turkey slices on top. Dinner is where I have the most fun – and that’s usually the recipes I post on my Instagram page. For dessert (which is a non-negotiable), it is a big yogurt bowl with fruit, cereal and/or a homemade dessert crumbled on top.

What recipe are you loving right now?

My no-sugar added banana walnut muffins are so good! They are my most recreated recipe too.

What’s one random fact about you most people don’t know?

I am the foodiest of foodies yet have never tried Trader Joe’s cauliflower gnocchi!

Leggings + sneakers or dress + heels?

Leggings + sneakers, for sure.

What are you binge watching right now? 

Billions. My husband and I are hooked.

Favorite travel destination?

Ah, I can’t choose just one! I would say Italy, Bali, Tulum, Telluride and Cabo.

What’s Your “L” right now? 

Reminding myself every day that this often-uncomfortable situation we are in is making me stronger – mentally stronger. The challenges that we are navigating through right now truly are an opportunity to better equip us to deal with anything else that comes our way in the future. I show myself grace and gratitude when I feel emotionally weak and practice telling myself that chasing perfection is paralyzing, and on days where I feel that I have shown mental strength I recognize that and remind myself how badass I am. 


You can follow her on IG here, and check out her amazing blog here! 

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