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May 01, 2023

Love, Mom our Mother's Day series with Brittany

We’re honored to introduce the story of “Love, Mom” our Mother's Day 2023 campaign. Our LSPACE mamas are fearless, compassionate, and strong women. There is no greater joy in watching them be wonderful leaders as they demonstrate the values of hard work and dedication every single day. Now, they are passing off some of their best advice to their kids with letters written from the heart. 

We're starting this week off with new momma, Brittany our Director of Merchandising & Ecommerce

To My Sweet Izzy,

You came into our lives on December 20, 2022 after 12 hours of the most beautiful and challenging natural labor and delivery. Bringing you into this world was one of the most amazing things I have ever done. You and I worked together throughout the entire process and, when you finally arrived, I was filled with the most indescribable love and joy. Since then, the three of us (You, Dad, and I) have worked hard to figure out life as a family and it has been nothing short of amazing.
Now, you are almost four months old and time has absolutely flown. We recognized instantly that you are fiercely independent and even a little bit stubborn. Watching you grow and develop every single day has been the greatest gift I’ve ever received and there is nothing else I’d rather be than your Mom. You are my best work. Dad and I love you so much, it hurts, Izzy. I will never get over the fact that we created you and you are ours. It’s an endless love that will never ever fade, no matter what. We cannot wait to watch you grow.
Stay tuned this week as we continue our love, mom series. 

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