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April 26, 2021

The Maker's Market: Meet The Creators pt. 1

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When you shop small, an actual person does a little happy dance.

Now more than ever, it's important to shop small by supporting independent creators where you can. So this season we're thrilled to launch The Maker's Market, a curated hub of our favorite hand-selected artisan goods. 

We’ve partnered with a handful of women-run small businesses to bring you a collection of handcrafted jewelry and home goods that will surely spark joy. The difference is in the details - each design showcases the craftsmanship and creativity these women bring to life through their one-of-a-kind designs. From handmade mugs to delicate upcycled gems, they're the perfect pieces to accompany you on all of your beach-bound adventures. 

Get to know three of our favorite makers below!

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1. Sunday Arvo

Janina Casanova, the creator behind lifestyle collection Sunday Arvo, knows a thing or two about beach living. Everything she makes will put a smile on your face, from bright woven market bags to SoCal-inspired wall prints that pop. Read on to get to know Janina!

Hi Janina! Tell us how you got started making your designs. 

I’ve always been designing for other people and clients which is really fun, but also a little unfulfilling. After I had my baby all my energy went into keeping this human alive and figuring out how to be a mother and also feeling a bit of a loss of my old self. I just started doodling and drawing for myself as a creative outlet.

Glad you found your outlet again! What is your process like?

I’ll sketch out and draw some ideas on scratch paper or a notebook and then bring it into the computer or iPad and bring it to life there! 

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

A majority of things I’m compelled to draw are inspired from surfing, whether it's something I see in the water, something funny that my friends and I spoke about, or a phrase that I can’t get out of my head. 

Who is someone that inspires you and why?

I really love Rell Sunn, she's one of the pioneers of women in surfing from '60s/'70s...she's just iconic, beautiful, surfed big waves so well, and is the embodiment of Aloha. I also really love Kassia Meador, she's an amazing surfer, has really beautiful style, and is so fun to watch...I've seen her in the water IRL a few times and she's always smiling and radiates! People who are badass and strong and lift others up...that's the best, those are the people that inspire me.

What's your favorite surf spot?

I’ve got a few surf spots that are my faves, but dear to my heart since they’re so far are: Siargao Island - tropical, pristine and where I fell in love with surfing, and Noosa - perfect peeling right points and where I fell in love with longboarding.

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What are you putting in your own market bags?

I try to live a minimalist lifestyle but always need some surf wax, sunblock, and zinc, oh, and probably a few new bikinis…and diapers for the baby. And a new surfboard…can I shove that in my market bag?!

How do you share your love of the ocean with your kids?

I’m always surfing, so we’re always at the beach. Our little girl, Billie, watches me go in and out of the water and says, “Mom surf!” so hopefully the surfing bug rubs off on her. She’s definitely a water baby because she’ll run in the water with all her clothes on even though it’s been freezing and be happy as a clam.

Where have you always wanted to travel to?

I've been fortunate to have gone on this wild journey of self discovery where I went roaming around the world for a few years. It took me to some pretty amazing places that were also dream surf destinations…all the while just learning how to surf (and honestly sucking really bad). I’d really like to circle back to those places now that I’m a bit of a better surfer, and I’d like to bring my family. I went to all these rad places by myself and though I would never trade that experience in, traveling alone is lonely! I’d love to go back and share the places that I fell in love with, with the people that I love and show them my journey through the Philippines, Oz, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Indo, etc. I’ve never hit Central or South America, so that would be nice to explore with them!

What's your L?

My happy place is in the ocean surfing. No matter if it’s too big, too small, too windy or too cold, too early and dark — I have a need to get in the water. It helps ground me and set my day off to the right start. I also do love a good cuddle with my ever-too-fast-growing little tumbleweed toddler, but I’m a better mother, partner, and human to everyone around if I’ve gotten a surf in.

+ Follow Janina on Instagram here

+ Follow Sunday Arvo here 

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2. Conamor

The LSPACE team is a multi-faceted bunch - just ask Natalie Fonseca, a member of our design team and the creator of Conamor. When she's not working away in our HQ, she's designing and hand-crafting this supersoft, colorful loungewear collection. Learn more about her design process below. 

Hi Natalie! Tell us how you got started creating your products. 

I've always been a maker and artist. From a young age, I pursued art in various forms - illustrating, sewing, and fashion design. I became fascinated by the process of creating and designing clothes. Over the years, I have learned and cultivated my experience in the fashion industry. I've always had an innate feeling I would pursue my own passion project. Last year, during the quarantine I began to pay attention to the beauty and joy in my everyday routine. I was inspired to make robes and cozy leisure wear to match. I launched Conamor as a creative outlet where I bring to life my handmade creations that are rooted in comfort, color, and quality.

What is your process like?

First, I gather inspiration, play with color palettes and source fabrics to reflect my overall concept. I start to sketch out my ideas and then narrow down my favorite designs, and I draft out my patterns and go through a round of samples. Then I'll fit the samples and make any adjustments until I achieve the perfect fit and look. Hand-dyeing comes next, and then I take it for a wash. Last, I package up them up and they're ready to go! 

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Why is it important that your designs are made locally in LA?

Keeping all facets of production locally allows me to minimize environmental impact, stay true to my vision, and maintain my handmade feel. Every step of the production process happens in LA from cutting, sewing, hand-dyeing, and packaging. 

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

I find inspiration in my current lifestyle, I want to create clothes that are functional and easy-to-wear while I'm lounging at home or going on a weekend trip. Growing up in LA, I've been surrounded by an endless well of inspiration. This city is filled with vibrant colors, nature, and breathtaking sunsets. I've merged these elements and colors into my robe collection and loungewear pieces. 

Who is someone that inspires you and why?

My LSPACE team! These ladies are incredibly talented and I love how all our ideas meld beautifully into each collection. 

Where have you always wanted to travel to?

I've always wanted to explore southeast Asia!

What's next for you and your designs? 

I would like to focus on using sustainable and deadstock fabrics. 

What's your L?

Loving my fiance and pups (Boba + Cheeko)!

+ Follow Conamor on Instagram here

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3. Mary Carroll 

It's easy to see why Portland-based ceramicist Mary Carroll has a cult-like following - her handmade mugs typically sell out within minutes of going live on her website! We caught up with Mary to learn more about her background, creative process, and even what she's sipping out of her own designs.

Hi Mary! Can you tell us how you got started making your designs? Where do you find inspiration for your designs? 

About 3 years into creating ceramics I found that I wasn't excited about what I was making and had a hard look at my motivation behind my designs. I came to the conclusion that I was making items that I felt like other people would like but not necessarily something that I was inspired by. I wanted to feel like my work screamed Mary Carroll and all that made me who I am. So I took a notebook out and just started making lists. A category of things that I liked, literally anything from CD covers, vintage t-shirts, color palettes, even my favorite childhood game, POGS, and the rad graphics that were on them! I made another category of things that I personally like in pottery. I liked clean lines, I liked speckled clay, I wasn't a big fan of visible drips and "makers marks" on the glaze or clay. Through this process and after hours of deep reflection I started sketching designs as they came to me and as I was inspired by the said categories. It was invigorating! I felt like I was finding my voice and it didn't matter if other people liked it. Turns out y'all liked it and I think the fact that I was stoked about it made the items hold that positive energy! 

Love that! Who is someone that inspires you and why?

I am in love with Julie O'Rourke of Rudy Jude. She lives the lifestyle I can only dream of on a small island off the coast of Maine. She truly embodies slow living and is extremely creative with her two boys and what she creates with them. I relate a lot with her down to earth vibe and desire to reuse old items and have less, rather than filling your home with lower quality box store items. 

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What’s your drink of choice out of your mugs?

I go through phases where I drink the same thing every morning and then 6 months or so in will switch it up and drink that every morning. My current morning routine is Bengal Spice tea with cream, a splash of maple syrup and a scoop of Collagen! So good! 

How do you balance your creative work with being a mom?

It took a very long time to separate the two. The first two years of being a mom I found myself running around like a wild woman, trying to get a quick kiln load in with the baby on my back before nap time or bringing cups home to glaze during any possible down moment or late into the night while everyone slept. I honestly look back at that time fondly and I'm really proud of what I was able to accomplish but it wasn't sustainable for long term burnout. I feel really solid with our flow now and acknowledge that I need help and it's okay if I can't do everything on my own. I hired a few assistants and it has made the creative process so much more manageable! 

What's your L? 

Currently sitting here on a cloudy Portland day, the best happy place I can conjure up would be a sunny day on the back patio with unlimited iced tea/lemonade combo in my glass with some punch needle project or a good book. Ah, the dream. 

+ Follow Mary on Instagram here


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