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October 07, 2020

My Fitness Journey & How I Stay Motivated

Hi L*SPACE fam! I’m Alicia Araki, AKA @arakifit on Instagram! I'm a Los Angeles Barry’s Instructor, certified personal trainer, and all around fitness momma. I hope you enjoyed my Glute + Core workout on L*SPACE's Instagram Live - if you missed it be sure to check it out on IGTV now!

Staying motivated during this wild time we are living in has presented challenges for everyone, so I’d like to share a few tips that help keep my fitness motivation. Growing up I was always active - I played college volleyball on a scholarship, ran half marathons, and always made working out a priority and lifestyle. Then I went through one of my biggest life transformations - I became a mom and so many things changed. I was not a unicorn momma that magically lost all the weight I had gained, I was exhausted and didn’t know how to get strong mentally and physically again. I had to reeducate myself, putting in the work, inside and out to be the strong mom and woman that I wanted to be.

I started my fitness journey by learning what my body needed. I realized fitness and nutrition isn’t a one size fits all arena. I learned that I had to make real life changes that were sustainable, that there were no quick fixes, and that movement was my medicine. Over time, I regained my strength and was in better shape than I was before I became a mom! I was lucky enough to shift careers and do something that I loved,  empowering other people on their fitness journeys. Over time I’ve learned a few simple things that can help you stay motivated and on track to achieve your fitness goals...

Fitness Instructor Alicia Araki wearing L*Space

Araki Fit Tip #1: Discipline is the most important key to success.

We cannot rely on motivation purely to get us up and moving daily. It's normal to have days that we wake up and feel kind of “blah," and if we rely purely on motivation during those times, most of us will skip working out that day! To ensure this doesn’t happen to me, I plan my own workouts weekly, adding them to my calendar like any other commitment I have. I treat them as an essential part to my day. Find trainers and people that inspire you, there are so many amazing resources on social media right now to keep your body moving!

Araki Fit Tip #2: Pick up those weights!

This PSA is especially for all my ladies out there that are afraid weights will make them bulky. I cannot stress enough that proper strength training will NOT make you bulky. To have a healthy and strong body, we cannot rely purely on cardio, you need strength training to balance it all out and create those lean, sexy muscles! If you are struggling to reach your fitness goals and haven’t incorporated weights yet, it's time to take that leap and find a strength program that you can fit into your weekly workouts.  

Araki Fit Tip #3: Fitness is more of a marathon than a quick sprint to the finish line. 

To see real results that are sustainable, this has to be a lifestyle that realistically fits in with your daily demands. I believe in working hard and finding that balance to enjoy the things that make me a happier and healthier person. If you got your workout in that day, and made balanced food choices, you should be able to have a glass of wine and not feel bad about it (I know I do)! Lastly, be patient and kind to yourself, especially during these uncertain times. It's not about perfection, it's about progress! 

Fitness Instructor Alicia Araki wearing L*Space

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And check out our IGTV for more Fitness Friday workouts! 

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