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October 05, 2016

Netflix & Chill | With Your Girls

As we're slowly grasping the fact that summer is officially over and Fall is in full swing, we have to admit we're excited to start pulling out the sweaters, consuming pumpkin-spiced everything, and opting for relaxing nights in with our squad. Sure, a girls’ nights out is always fun, but as the weather cools down, nothing beats a girls night in! Get that group text going and grab these essentials for your next girls’ night:

1. Wine | Because every epic girls' night always starts with a bottle of wine. #priorities

2. Comfy Clothes | Unwinding with the girls requires an outfit that lets you get your lounge on. Our pick is a cute over-sized sweater with our new Runaway Capris.

3. Yummy Snacks | Whether it's brownies, cookies or candy, delicious snacks (we recommend one involving chocolate) are always a must.

4. Nail Polish | Getting your nails ready for the week is way more fun when it's with your girlfriends, and we can't wait to start taking out our fall colors.

5. Beauty Treatment | It's not a true girls' night unless everyone is covered in face masks. To combat the dry, fall weather, we love a moisturizing one like Philosophy's Renewed Hope in a Jar.

6. Netflix | Last but not least, a Netflix binge is the ultimate necessity to completing a girls' night in. In the spirit of Halloween, we'll be watching something creepy like Stranger Things or American Horror Story.

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