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December 01, 2021

On Holiday With: Ashe Couture Boutique

Pack your bags! We're heading to St. Petersburg, FL! We're catching up with Owner of Ashe Couture Boutique, Amanda! She's giving us the ultimate travel guide to St. Petersburg from fab drink spots to the best bites! Ready to visit? Keep reading to find the hidden gems of the Gulf Coast! 

Hi Amanda! Thanks for taking time out of your day to catch up! Can you describe your typical day? 

First things first: coffee! Usually it’s coffee while catching up on emails and DMs for the store and making sure we’re ready for the day in store and online. Next, breakfast and head to the store to spend time with my amazing staff and knock out our to do lists- from try on videos, social media content to processing new arrivals and remerchandising the store. Then home for our daily walk around the neighborhood and dinner with my husband!

Busy and productive! Your girls are coming in town, where is the first place you’re taking them?

We’re heading straight to the new pier downtown! The views of downtown from the rooftop tiki bar are unmatched! 

Love a good tiki bar haha okay Best bites ?

Whatcha craving?! We’ve got it all! Italian? We’re going to Bavaro’s (great gluten free penne pasta!) Want Cuban? We’re heading to Bodega! Best of all, both options are in walking distance to Ashe so we frequent both!

It all sounds so good, how do you choose?! Dying for a cocktail, where are we going?

Start by watching the sunset from the Canopy rooftop! Next stop, we’re heading straight to Trophy Fish for the laid back atmosphere! I don’t know about you, but I’m ordering “if you like pina coladas”

I'm with ya on the Pina Coladas! Best beaches to hit?

Pass-a-grille! There’s limits to building heights so it doesn’t get over crowded! Best of all, let’s get @the.cabanaclub to set up our stuff so all we have to bring are ourselves and the booze and not have to worry about carrying anything back to the car! Less sand to clean up tomorrow!

cabana club

Deff craving a beach day and drinks with my besties now! Thanks for catching up with us Amanda! If you head to any of the places above, let us know what you think!


Keep up with Amanda + Ashe Couture Boutique here! 

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