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June 22, 2018

DIY Tropical Toes: Guest Blog by @Goldfish_Kiss 🌈

We've been big fans of Rebekah Steen (AKA @Goldfish_Kiss) for years now, so naturally we were thrilled that she agreed to write a guest blog post for us! Her Instagram shimmers with her creative spirit, and her posts always put a smile on our faces. Here, she spills her secrets for her signature playful pedis, just in time for sandal season! 

Happy Tropical Toes.

I don’t know why, but the whole mix & match, indecisive nail art route is my jam lately! Throw in a tropical theme and yeah, I’m hooked. So, these might look complicated but I promise it’s do-able. It’s all just a bunch of stripes, dots, and different color combos. Give it a shot! Or at least paint your toes five different colors, even that part is fun. 

Here we go...


Start off by picking up the five colors you want to work with. I used a red, white, peach, seafoam, and a forest green.

You’ll also want a dotting tool and a nail art brush. (You could even use a toothpick and the end of a ball point pen. That's what I taught myself with, but I picked up a nail art brush kit on Amazon for $5.75  and it was a game changer).

Ok, now on to the art!

First, paint the white tropical print toes. (Every other toe will be some sort of version of this design). Do your big toe on one foot, then pick a different toe for it on your other foot. 

• Grab a nail art brush, and paint some seafoam palm fronds. Palm fronds = a long, slightly curved line with little lines coming of the sides of it.

• Then, go in with a darker green polish and paint a liiiittle bit of contrast on the palms. 

• Now, grab a dotting tool, and paint some flowers overlapping those fronds, or just anywhere you want little flowers. 

• Flowers = just five dots in a circle, with a different color dot in the middle. I did peach with a red dot the middle.


Now, let's conquer the other toes.

Orange tropical print toes: Do the exact same steps above but with the colors switched up: peach background with dark green fronds, and red flowers with a white dot in the middle. Boom. 

Red and white flower toes: Paint toes red, then paint a few BIG white flowers. Big white flowers = five large dots in a circle, with a few itty bitty dots coming off one side of the flower. I didn’t do just a dot in the middle - I just used my nail art brush to kinda drag the middle of each dot into where the middle of the flower should be. That creates the petal vibe.

Peach and blue palm frond toes: Paint toes light blue and paint some peach palm fronds coming off the top or sides.

Striped toes: Paint two toes dark green, then paint a peach and a thin light blue line on top. 

All ten toes are painted differently, yet the same! Whoah.

Let the polish dry, then top it all off with a glossy topcoat. This actually makes the nail art look even better. It’s my favorite step.

Let it all dry, then have your toes beg you for some sort of tropical drink for the next two weeks while you refuse to wear any close-toed shoes. You have to show off your masterpiece! 


Thanks, Rebekah! We want to see YOUR tropical toes! If you recreate this fun pedi, post a pic and be sure to use the tag #goldfishkisstoes.

Follow Rebekah on IG at @goldfish_kiss and on her blog at

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