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August 01, 2022

Sending love from Greece

Feeling like everyone you know and their mother is going to Greece this Summer? You deff aren’t alone haha. To fill our FOMO one of our very own LSpace HQ Babes, Brittney is taking us along with her (well kind of  😉).
Keep reading to find out what she did on her trip and take notes for that European Summer vacation that I’m ~manifesting~ for both of us. 
Brittney here! First things first: Bikinis!
I packed all my fave LSPACE pieces (pictured below) From the Beaded Brittany Top + Lennox Bottom, The classic ribbed Millie + Jay to the Seam-Free Finneas Top + Billie Bottom they each passed the vibe check for this entire trip. I had a hard time deciding what swimsuit to wear each day haha, needless to say, I wore every piece this trip. 
Jumping around Greece with my boyfriend for two weeks was the perfect way to escape reality and go into total relaxation mode. Greece is a remarkably scenic country filled with islands along the Mediterranean with turquoise blue waters and historic ruins.
We backpacked from Athens to the South of Greece and traveled around 3 of the islands in the Cyclades, Mykonos, Paros, & Santorini. Our final island was West of the mainland of Greece on a cute, vibrant island called Kefalonia.
Our favorite days consisted of renting an ATV and hopping around the island's best beaches, eating Greek salads at the local seaside cafes, and hydrating off Aperol Spritzs.
Deff a trip that I will always cherish and remember! Already thinking of my next getaway (and Aperol Spritz) and promise to bring you along with me ~~manifestation works people!~~
xx Brittney 
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