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December 23, 2020

The Best Holiday Items at Trader Joe's Right Now

Grocery shopping at Trader Joe's at any time of the year is a treat, but there's something extra magical about filling that red shopping cart during the holidays. Their products take something ordinary and kick it up a notch (cookie butter, anyone?), elevating them to must-have status. You don't go to Trader Joe's with a list of what you need, you go and Trader Joe's shows you what you need. 

And they've definitely outdone themselves this season! From the cutest mini desserts to cookies that spice up your morning coffee, here are our favorite holiday food items at Trader Joe's right now. 

Trader Joe's cookie mug hangers

1. Cookie Mug Hangers

These cute little spice cookies are the perfect addition to that AM latte. Dusted with a hint of sugar, they're just the right amount of sweet. Now, to dunk or not to dunk? That's your choice. 

Trader Joe's cookies

2. Chocolate Covered Joe-Joe's 

The only thing better than a Joe-Joe? One that's dipped in chocolate. This variety pack has a little something for everyone. Which Hawaiian shirt do we have to talk to? We'd like to submit a formal request to keep these year-round. 

Trader Joe's gingerbread loaf

3. Vegan Gingerbread Loaf

Whether or not the vegan part is a selling point for you, this spiced cake is a definite must. It's anything but dry, with a sugary top layer adds the perfect touch of sweetness. Eat it for breakfast for the ultimate treat yo' self moment.

Trader Joe's candy cane almonds

4. Candy Cane Chocolate Covered Almonds

Try to eat just one of these, we dare you. They're too good! Dipped in dark chocolate, white chocolate, and candy cane pieces, these roasted almonds taste just like peppermint bark. 

Trader Joe's mini ice cream cones

5. Mini Hold The Cone! Peppermint Ice Cream Cones

Thankfully the regular version of these mini ice cream cones is available year-round, but you can only catch the peppermint chocolate variety during the holidays. It's the perfect petite treat to enjoy after dinner! 

Trader Joe's Decked Out Tree cookies

6. Decked Out Tree Cookies

These are the cookies we never knew we needed. The cookie itself has a buttery shortbread consistency and is topped with milk and white chocolate, plus festive sprinkles. Aside from being delish, their cute tree shape makes a great presentation on your holiday dessert spread. Need! 


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