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November 10, 2021

The Holiday Maker's Market: Meet The Creators pt.2

When you shop small, an actual person does a little happy dance.
Now more than ever, it's important to shop small by supporting independent creators where you can. So this season we're thrilled to continue The Maker's Market, a curated hub of our favorite hand-selected artisan goods. 
We’ve partnered with a handful of women-run small businesses to bring you a collection of handcrafted jewelry and home goods that will surely spark joy. The difference is in the details - each design showcases the craftsmanship and creativity these women bring to life through their one-of-a-kind designs. From handmade pillows to expressive jewelry , they're the perfect pieces to gift this holiday season or just to treat yourself with. 
Read on for part 2 of our series highlighting these talented creators!
1. Enlighten Candles
Hi Sofie! Can you tell us how Enlighten Candles started?
Julianna our founder started experimenting with candle making in her kitchen in 2014 and worked until she perfected the recipe.
How awesome! Could you tell us what the candle making process is like?
We hand pour our candles, blend our scents and make our candles to order.

Sounds like a very relaxing process, how do you go about naming each candle?
This is so fun for us! We have round tables were we brainstorm and blindfold each other as we smell the new scents.
Love that! Definitely suggesting that to our team of designers here! What inspires your team and why?
It's actually the desert that inspires us! A long walk on a desert trail brings forth lots of inspiration
We know this is a hard question, but what is your favorite scent right now & why?
Our staple favorite is lavender, but new favorite is orange blossom and for the holidays we’re obsessed with Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree is on my list! What makes Enlighten Candles different from others?
We have clean candles that are prop 65 compliant , no additives, phthalate free scents and 100% soy wax
What’s your “L” ? 
We keep a great sense of humor in our team! Laughter is always our best medicine
2. JNB Jewelry 
Hi Jacqueline! How did you get started making your designs?
I have a degree in Theatre and have always been an artist from an early age. Living in LA styling & acting I started making jewelry. I had friends in acting classes that were on TV shows that would buy my designs all the time. Then they would wear my designs to set and next thing I know I get a call from their co workers Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato asking me to come to set so they could buy jewelry. It didn’t stop there then Brittney Spears, the Kardashians and it just kept flowing.
Wow! How awesome! When you get an order like that, what is your process?
Things that bring me inspiration I turn into objects to wear; in order to bring women peace, healing, confidence, or a deeper connection to spirituality. Jewelry is self expression. My intent is to make items that move people. Usually, something I want myself I design and make it exactly the way I want it. I create a drawing and cad of what is in my heart then I make a physical wax of the item. Then I cast if in silver, polish and set stones.  We do this with every item we create.
Where do you find inspiration for your designs?
I love angels, saints, and crystals. I pray for inspiration and direction and it always comes to me in so many ways. Inspiration can also can come from a trip or phase of life. For example, I just got married and now that has inspired me to create an entire wedding collection and move into engagement rings after making my own.  It’s so much fun! I love making wedding rings!
How special! With all the pieces you've created so far, do you have a favorite?
My favorite item is our signature JNB constellations.  This item took two years for me to crate this exact design.  I kept having girls ask me to make replicas of others constellations (its a popular concept). I wanted to make a powerful magical deign that had a lot of heart to it. Two years later it came to me and I created my JNB version of this and finally it was ready to launch. It is an original design that it so unique made with so much love and thought.
Love that! Who is someone that inspires you & why?
I feel like I am always constantly being inspired by different women monthly. However, right at this time in my life I have to say my husband. Marrying the right man is really important. He has pushed and encouraged me to open my 1st retail store opening this month and I would have not done it without his encouragement, He inspires me to expand, grow, and operate like a true business women. He reminds me always to look at the big picture and if you’re not moving forward you’re moving backwards. So right now he is my inspiration to grow a very fruitful business.


That is so special, congrats on opening your first store! What makes the JNB collection unique from other brands?
I believe what makes us unique and why women and men love JNB so much is that we have so much heart and care that goes into our items and company. I design and hand craft almost  every item at JNB. Reminding a true artist brand is very important to me.  
Lastly, whats your "L"?
Peace- being at peace is what brings me the most joy and that allows inspiration to flow to me :)
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3. Kayla Rae Resin

Hi Kayla! How did you get started with Kayla Rae Resin?

Since graduating college in 2017, I had a vision to bridge my education in Environmental Science and passion for art and entertaining into one. It was during this time I stumbled across a form of fluid art using an epoxy resin (the same material used to glass surfboards!) and I have since never looked back.

I have a goal to put a spin on what we normally consider “art” and create works that serve a function in the everyday home while attaining an affordable price. I am most widely known for my Grazing Boards - a must-have staple for every home entertainer that has sold out collection after collection!

How cool! What is your process like? 

Each grazing board takes me almost 2 days to make- a true labor of love! From sustainably sourcing the lumbar, to hand-carving the shapes, resining, and

polishing- all is done by yours truly out of my Laguna Beach Studio.

Where do you find your inspiration for each grazing board?

I pay tribute to my coastal roots and nod to my educational background in environmental science by seeking most of my inspiration from the seaside environment. This often means honing in on techniques that have taken me years to perfect in order to emulate geologic rock, seascapes, and other beautiful natural formations found in our surroundings. 

We love that! What's been your favorite piece you've created so far & why?

 Such a hard question! If I had to choose, it would have to be a commissioned artwork I completed for a client in Hong Kong last year. The artwork consisted of 3 separate pieces spanning over 10 ft (my largest artwork to date)!  It also served as my first international commission, which makes it an extra special milestone in my artistic career!

That's awesome! Who is someone that inspires you & why?

Since COVID, I have had the incredible opportunity to surrounded myself with an amazing circle of women-owned businesses…through those tough times up until this very day, we have celebrated our wins together, supported each other through our losses, and most importantly, we’ve been the most valuable resource to tap into when times get tough. It’s certainly not easy navigating the market on your own, and it's hard for most people to truly understand the immense pressure us small business owners put on ourselves while handling our personal lives on the side. However, at the end of the day, I can always count on these women to be my biggest cheerleaders, waiting for me at the finish line…its truly magical. They are truly my biggest inspirations and I believe my business wouldn’t be half as successful as it is today without their unwavering support (they know who they are). 

That is so special and important to find your people. What would you say makes Kayla Rae Resin different from others?

There is so much thought and care that is put into each piece… from curating themed collections for each season, to beautifying packaging with intricate + personal touches, It has always been my mission to create a unique experience unlike any other for my customers every time they purchase a Kaylarae Artwork.

What's your "L"? 

My motto behind my business has always been “The Art Of Gathering”- whether it be over a decadent grazing board with old friends, or through philanthropic involvement with new faces- When it is done properly, it has the power to build a community and sense of belonging, while bringing a smile to someone face that is least expecting it. 

To me, practicing the “art of gathering” on a daily basis brings me the most joy in life- It is why I choose to donate a portion of my proceeds every month towards local non-profit initiatives, and is also why I love to inspire/ motivate others ways in which they easily elevate their entertaining experiences in their own home.

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