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March 13, 2020

A Message From Your L*SPACE Family

To be completely transparent with you...

posting cute bikinis and beautiful beaches feels a little odd right now given the circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

And though our team wishes we had some sage wisdom or insider knowledge to share with you right now, we don’t. All we can do is listen to and act on the advice of professionals – wash your hands, practice social distancing, and take care of yourselves. Our hearts go to out to those who have been affected by this global crisis. It’s truly a reminder that we’re all in this together.


Wanna know the origin of the name “L*SPACE”? We believe the greatest joys start with the letter “L”…love, laughter, lounging, and living life to the fullest. Our products are designed to transport you to that state of mind. In a time that feels so uncertain, we still want to provide you with that glimpse of sunshine, that little escape, that “L” space. 


So, all this is to say – we’re here for you. Though our team is working from home where possible, we still have all engines firing for this business which we care so deeply about. Your orders will be processed as normal. Our channels are open so we can continue to foster this community. And we’ll still be posting pictures of cute bikinis and beautiful beaches – not to make light of the situation, but to provide you with, well, a little L*SPACE.


Take care,

xoxo your L*SPACE family


Questions for us? Here ya go...


Q: Does this impact when I get my order?

A: Not at all. We are still processing and shipping orders as normal. Day-to-day operations haven’t been interrupted.

Q: What is your business doing to be proactive about the virus?

A: Members of our team who are able to work remotely are encouraged to do so. Team members who feel sick are encouraged to take PTO. We’re increasing our already high sanitation standards in our headquarters and distribution center.

Q: What’s the best way to communicate?

A: You can connect with us in a number of ways. General inquiries can email Order inquiries, fit questions, style recommendations, and all other inquiries can email or utilize our chat feature on We’re also available to you via our social channels (go on and slide into our DMs, we don’t mind).



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