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June 01, 2023

Behind The Designs: LSPACE x Hanna 2

The wait is finally over! LSPACE x Hanna Montazami collaboration is back and better than ever! Last June, we launched our first collaboration with so-cal babe, Hanna Montazami and it was a dream come true. Filled with a mix of earthy tones and a standout print this upcoming collection is a complete 180 in terms of the hues, with pops of pink, buttery yellow, and blue hues but still keeping her original desire for her collections: to enhance the natural curves of the body. 

This collection is different from the last and we sat down with Hanna to tell us where she found her inspiration. 

LS: Hi Hanna, we’re so excited to be back for our second collaboration with you! We know this collection is a little different from last year, can you tell us about the process and the direction you took this collection?

HM: Likewise! Well, my style changes day to day, I feel like you can really see that in my first collection vs. this collection. The first collection was very muted earth tones and this collection is happy, bright, and fun haha. 

For this collection, I was very inspired by a tropical sunrise and sunset, you know just that color scheme. There is just something special about the gradient of the beautiful pinks and softer oranges and yellows and then going into the blue of the water. That is really what set the tone for the colors of this collection.

LS: There is just something about a sunset that is so mesmerizing haha! Speaking of the sunrise + sunset colors, can you give us some insight and how those came together?

HM: I feel like the colors in the collection are so important. For the pink, I really wanted a bright bubblegum pink - I think it looks so good on everyone's skin tones

For the yellow, I really wanted a buttery creamy just very faint yellow and it came out so beautiful - I'm obsessed with it! The turquoise is just the perfect elegant blue, I love it!

LS: These colors are really beautiful on any skin tone! Moving onto the styles and silhouettes, what were you looking for when building out this collection?

HM: I really built off of my favorites from LSPACE and you know I love the Tori Top, it was one of the styles that I featured in my first collection with LSPACE I wanted to put a fresh take on it. I added the ruching on the top and it looks so cute! With the bottoms, I gravitate towards the higher cheekier bottoms but I also wanted to include pieces that have a little more coverage and wanted to give a little something to everyone.

LS: There really is something for everyone in this collection! What piece are you most excited about?

HM: It might have to be the Aspen Top + Levy Bottom paired with the Kai Pant. It has this pretty mesh overlay that I haven't seen before. It's so stunning and it just makes you feel like a gorgeous mermaid coming out of the water, its such a vibe. 

LS: Totally a vibe! You know we’re all about #THATFEELGOODFIT, what does that mean to you?

HM: I love that it is so important to LSPACE because it is to me, being comfortable and feeling good in a bikini is so important and I love that LSPACE stands behind that so strongly. 

LS: Lastly, can you describe LSPACExHanna in three words?

HM: Fun, Happy & Feminine 

LS: Thanks for sitting down with us Hanna, we are so excited about this collection and can’t wait for people to get their hands on it. 

HM: Same! If you buy any of the pieces, make sure to tag me! @hannamontazami 

#LSPACExHANNA is available now!
+ Shop it here!
+ You can follow Hanna on IG here!

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