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January 04, 2021

At Home With: Chelsea Owens

Florida-based content creator Chelsea Owens is the quintessential beach babe. She's best known for sharing her covetable wardrobe with her 68,000-strong Instagram following. A little beach boho, a little modern minimalist, her outfits perfectly encompass her sunny lifestyle. Chelsea has been part of the LSPACE family for several years now, and we couldn't think of a better muse to capture the new Spring/Summer 2021 collection

Read on to learn how Chelsea got her start, what she's Pinning these days, and more:

Chelsea Owens for LSpace

Hi Chelsea! Do you remember your first L*Space suit? If so, can you share a bit about it?

My first L*Space suits were actually gifted to me. I know one of the sets included the Ribbed Frenchi Bottoms which are my all-time favorite bottoms - and now I have them in a few colors!

Love that! Who do you look to for style inspo?

I really find so much of my inspiration on Instagram! I would say my style is fairly eclectic and a mix of Tezza Barton, Halley Elefante, and Julie Sariñana

How has your sense of style evolved overtime?

Fashion has always been my number one interest and I’ve always enjoyed being creative with what I wear. I think now as I get older, I’m looking for investment pieces. Pieces that I can see traveling through different stages of life with me.

Chelsea Owens for LSPACE

When did your passion for photography and creating content initially start?

I have really always had a passion for creating and taking photos. I took a lot of art and photography classes in school and have been so fortunate that “content creator” has become a job title! It’s always felt like a role created for me.

We noticed you’ve been doing a lot of home decor this year. Where do you love to find home inspo?

Lots and lots of Pinterest scrolling! But my number one home inspo is Elise Cook. She and her husband renovated their home in Australia and it’s literally my dream house - lots of neutrals and natural lighting!

Fashion blogger Chelsea Owens

What’s something else you started doing or revisited during quarantine?

I had taken a step back from drawing and painting - which I used to do all the time! I ordered paints and canvases during quarantine and started painting again. And I started working out from home this year! I’ve always struggled with at-home workouts but I’ve gotten a little more disciplined and have been able to stick with it.

Favorite way to wind down/chill out?

Some days I love a glass of wine with a book (I love reading!), other days I want to cuddle with my boyfriend & pets and watch a movie. Also yoga is so relaxing if I’m also needing to move.

Chelsea Owens in LSPACE

What are you currently listening to?

I listen to such a mix of things! Today it was Kid Cudi’s newest album, plus the Crime Junkies and What We Said podcasts.

What are you currently reading?

I recently listened to Untamed by Glennon Doyle on Audible and immediately bought the book to read. It is so amazing and uplifting and hilarious if you haven’t read it!

What does your perfect day look like?

My perfect day is a warm sunny beach day, complete with swimming in the gulf, a long walk, and a good book. Then pizza and a glass of wine!

What are you grateful for?

I am so grateful for my support system. I have amazing friends and family that I truly wouldn’t be where I am without them!

Chelsea Owens in LSPACE


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