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March 02, 2018

Behind The Scenes: Creating our Travel Organizer

Heading into bikini season, we wanted to create the perfect piece to keep all of your travel essentials organized on-the-go. So we developed our Travel Organizer, designed to carry everything from your bikinis to your lotions and potions!

But it had to be beautiful as well as functional, so we sought out Laguna Beach-based artist Megan Blanco to create the imagery for the carryall. Known for painting lush botanical prints in vibrant colors, Megan envisioned a plants-on-pink design. Check out her process below!

Collecting Inspiration

Megan worked with L*SPACE Founder Monica Wise to hone in on the concept of the bag, saying "we wanted something tropical and fun, but with a timeless feel." She pulled inspiration ranging from banana palms, to candy-colored classic Cuban cars, to sandy beaches (naturally). 

Sketches & Swatches

The next step was creating several sketches with sample color palettes. Megan drew these and tested out the colors in watercolor so Monica could get a feel for each design. "Watercolor is a great way to get your ideas on paper quickly," she told us. 

The Final Painting

After the design was finalized, Megan used oil paint to create the image on a flat gesso board. "I chose the board over a canvas because it has a smoother surface, which in my opinion is easier to paint on." The board also allowed Megan to scan the image as it's less cumbersome than a bulky canvas. "These days everything is digital, and that makes sense," she told us. "It's easy and there's a fast turnaround. But Monica wanted this to have a true painterly feel, so this was the only way to do it! The end result has a beautiful vintage-tropics feel. I'm super happy with it!"


Our Travel Organizer is now available FREE with any purchase of $250 or more! Visit for more info.

Visit Megan's website + Instagram page for more of her work.

Photography by Natalie Falcone.

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