If you struggle with finding the perfect suit (we all do) that fits your personal style & flatters your figure…read on! We asked Monica Wise, our Creative Director & founder of L*Space to give us her expert tips when it comes to choosing the best bikini. 

When it comes to choosing a bikini, “It’s important keep the 3’s C’s in mind. ColorCoverage & Cut. Utilizing Monica’s 3 C’s, here’s how to break it down + pick the perfect suit. 


Everyone knows what colors look good on them, so this is always a great place to start.  For darker skin tones, stick to bright + poppy colors.

Monica’s color picks: Garanium, Sorbet, Sapphire + Pool are perfect hues for you!

@caribbean_travel_ wearing the Tanzania Wild One Top + Monique Bottom 

For olive skin beauties, stick to earth-tones & neutrals that bring out your natural glow.

Monica’s color picks: Fern, Pebble, Ice + White 

@gypsylovinlight in the Nantucket Stripe Top + Gazebo Bottom 

Light + fair skin beauties, stick to dark colors such as black, charcoal + denim. Dark & rich colors always complement lighter skin tones. Plus, you can’t go wrong with black!

Monica’s color picks:  Black, Charcoal, Denim + Pebble 

@hannamontazami wearing the Lexie Top + Soleil Bottom + Summer Breeze Robe 


Fuller-coverage isn’t always the best option for those of us with a fuller derriere.  Instead of reaching for the suit with the most fabric, consider a cut that flatters your figure rather than hiding it. Remember…friends don’t let friends have baggy bikini butt!

@emmavsimmons in our Monique Bottom  

@pursuitofshoes wearing our Chloe Wrap  Top + Estella Bottom  


Know your cuts( or where a bikini would land along your waistline/hipline)! If you’re petite & have a small torso, look for a suit that elongates your mid-section. Monica’s pick: The Monique 
For those who have longer torsos and want to accentuate those curves, slip into one of our high-waisted bikini bottom options. Monica’s pick: High Waist Bottoms

@pursuitofshoes wearing the New Wave Top + Valentina Bottom 

Finally, if you’re looking for a universally flattering top that accommodates tiny tatas to big cha chas…slip into the JAMIE!

@maude.stamour wearing the Jaime  Top + Monique Bottom

@cammymumu wearing the Jaime Top 

@kattanita wearing the Jaime  Top + Ivory Coast Pareo Wrap