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November 04, 2021

Office Buzz: Fall 2021

Now, that we've settled back in our office routines and sitting next to our work besties we have a lot to catch up on and fill you all in on the things we’ve been buzzing about around the office!
From Netflix shows to beauty products, we’re sharing our thoughts on our must-haves and dishing on why you need them in your life!

"Can't get over YOU on Netflix! I just finished season 3 and am antsy for friends and L*Space coworkers to finish it too so I don't give away spoilers! So crazy how Joe is the bad guy who you want to get caught but also win at the same time? Maybe because we all know a Joe and wish we had his stealth stalking skills (maybe that's just me though). Overall great show and highly recommend! " -Tricia

"I've found the holy grail of no-makeup makeup! Ilia's Super Serum Skin Tint gives me the perfect amount of natural coverage, a dewy finish, and has SPF 40. It has officially replaced my old foundation and become my everyday makeup. Added bonus: it's completely clean! This serum is skincare, makeup, and sunscreen all in one and I'm 100% here for it." – Brittany F.

"I've been lovin' on using the App ClassPass for all things workout. You pay a monthly fee and receive a certain amount of credits that go towards different studios, beauty salons, and other miscellaneous companies to use their products or take their classes. I've recently started getting into pilates and boxing at nearby studios to the office. I love that I can try new workouts at a cheaper cost and the app gives great descriptions of all the studios!" – Brittney A.


"One word: *OBSESSED* with my Summer Fridays Belly Balm! It's been an absolute lifesaver throughout the warm summer days and now into our cooler fall nights as I get further along into my pre-motherhood journey! It's dreamy and creamy without being too sticky or oily like other belly balms! I will totally use it even after pregnancy!" – Megan M

"I was recently gifted a few products from Kosas for my birthday. I love everything I got, but I’ve been using these two products every day - 
Eyebrow gel: I’ve been a die-hard Anastasia fan forever. I’ve tried a few different brands over the years but always ended up hating them. This is my new go-to! I love that it has a thinner brush so that you don’t get an overwhelming amount of product when applying. It’s also perfect for shaping your brows. 
Lip Oil: This is perfect for winter! It gives your lips a little color while keeping them moisturized. I just bought two other colors." - Gianna

"Trying to find recipes that are both "grain-free and gluten-free" can often be a little challenging. However, my go-to cookbook from @againstallgrain specifically "Celebrations" has been my go-to! With my love for food, and passion to cook, I find joy in my free time by creating delicious comfort foods while being on a restricted diet. Plus who doesn't love a good "healthier" marshmallow free of refined sugars?! It has become my all-time favorite dessert to make all year long!!!" – Simone

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