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October 22, 2020

How To: Find the Best Swimsuit For Your Body Type

We know, we know - we've all seen these articles before...and cringed. "Small bust? Create the illusion of a bigger chest with ruffles!" "Curvy? Better hide your waistline behind some strategic ruching." But here at L*SPACE, we're not about that. As a women-designed, women-led company, we know how stressful swimsuit shopping can be and stereotyping certainly doesn't help. The fact is we're all individuals whose bodies are unique and beautiful in their own way. What works for one person may not work for another, and that's okay - it's just about what makes YOU feel good when you hit the sand. There is a flattering swimsuit out there for every BODY. 

So we're going to dust off those old clichés and help you demystify the swimsuit shopping experience. These tips are not about hiding your features, but rather supporting, enhancing, and celebrating them. Read on for our advice on how to find the best swimsuit for your body type!

L*SPACE models wearing bikinis



You have a "pear" shape with curvier hips and a booty. Let's let those curves shine and show off your figure! A low rise bikini bottom will cut you off at the hip, and we don't want that. Try a high cut style like the Ribbed Frenchi, Cabana, or Vacay bottoms to elongate your body.


Assorted L*Space swimsuits that are flattering for a pear-shaped body



For girls with a large bust a D cup swimsuit can be hard to find and support is key! We recommend choosing a swimsuit that features an underwire, thicker straps, and/or multi-point adjustability for a custom fit. Try a bikini top made with bra measurements in mind, like the Nina, Camellia, or Lee Lee tops which come in sizes XS-XL, D and DD. More of a one piece swimsuit gal? Find one with a hidden shelf bra, like the Cha Cha or Float On one pieces. 


L*Space swimsuits that are flattering for larger chests



Part of The Committee? Think "less is more"! If you have a small bust, you may want to choose a style with minimal coverage and support. Trying big cups or sizing up isn't necessary - embracing what you've got is often more flattering (trust us). A classic triangle bikini top like the Brittany is a good choice for you, or a v-front bikini top like the Lee Lee is a winner for all bust sizes. If you do prefer a little enhancement, a bikini top style with removable pads like the Millie or Playa add just the right amount of oomph. 


L*Space swimsuits that are flattering for small chests



If you have a more athletic body type, don't try to cover yourself up! Choosing minimal coverage and a high cut leg will flatter your build. Get #legsfordays with a style like the High Waisted Frenchi, Minimalist Jay, or Cabana bikini bottoms. Or, play up the smallest part of your waist with a vintage-inspired swimwear style like the Jackie bottom. 


L*Space swimsuits that are flattering for athletic body types



For our curvy babes, it's all about embracing your features without any pesky digging. A high waisted bikini will have you feeling totally snatched while highlighting those assets. Try the Eco Chic Jess bikini top and Desi bikini bottom or Rebel Heart bikini top and Portia Girl bikini bottom for a timeless feel. Into the one piece swimsuit look? The Cha Cha one piece will make you feel supported, or the Sydney one piece will contour those curves.


L*Space swimsuits that are flattering for curvy body types





1. Try several different types of swimsuit styles. You never know what will look amazing on you until you actually give it whirl. You might be surprised! 

2. Give it the movement test. You've ordered your bikini, checked yourself out in the mirror, and now you should probably make sure it stays put. Pretend you're running after your kids or strutting down the beach in it - is everything still in place?

3. Reach out for help! If you need any assistance with sizing or fit, feel free to reach out to our team at any time. Send us an email or shoot us a DM - we're here and ready to match you with your perfect swimsuit. 



1. Assume that more coverage or fabric will make you look smaller. Sizing up too high or wearing a lot of coverage can sometimes have the opposite effect. 

2. Worry about what's trendy, what's classic, etc. Just choose a style that you really love and we guarantee you'll get more wear out of it!

3. Take the "rules" too seriously. If you like cheeky bottoms, girl go for it. If you feel more comfortable with full coverage, we love that for you! Life is short, wear what makes you happy.


L*Space models wearing swimsuits


Now, go on and walk the beach like you own it, babes!


Still have questions? Check out our Swim Style Guide here!


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