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January 13, 2021

How To: Organize Your Bikini Drawer

If you're like us, you might have a teensy little obsession with bikinis - welcome to the fam! LSPACE babes know that investing in a few high quality swimsuits that last for years will ultimately be wiser than buying multiple "fast fashion" bikinis that barely hold up for one season. It's why we always say #BuyBetterWearLonger

So you might just have a couple of swimsuits, and that really may be all you need. But if you fancy yourself a bikini connoisseur, your swimwear drawer is probably bursting at the seams - so we're here to help! Cleaning that bad boy out will maximize storage space, prolong your bikini's lifespan, and make finding a suit a breeze. 

Ready to get your Marie Kondo on? Here's how to organize your bikini drawer:

L*Space guide to organizing your swimsuit drawer

1. Take inventory

Begin by emptying everything out of your drawer. Then, separate into four piles: printed bikinis, solid bikinis, one pieces, and donate/sell. As you organize, try on any swimsuits you haven't worn in a while. If they don't fit or you're just not feeling it anymore, put it in that donate/sell pile to remove. Your swimwear collection should consist of only things that you really love! 

L*Space guide to organizing your swimsuit drawer

2. Separate your one pieces

We recommend separating your one piece swimsuits from your bikinis with a drawer divider. We love styling our one pieces as bodysuits, so it's best to keep them easily accessible from the rest of your collection. 

To fold: 

Make sure you've tied any loose straps and removed any padding if possible. Fold in half lengthwise and fold from the top to the middle, then from the bottom to the middle. Now fold that in half so you have a little square. You'll be arranging each piece with the crease side up, as pictured. This way, everything looks neat and clean, and you'll easily be able to tell which suit is which without even having to remove it! 

L*Space guide to organizing your swimsuit drawer

3. Move on to your printed swimwear

We've found it's best to group tops and bottoms together - you can still mix and match your swim, but with one system in place it's easy to find everything. 

To fold:

Do what you did before, just on a smaller scale. Tie any loose straps and take out any removable padding. For bikini tops, fold in a half widthwise, placing one cup inside the other. Then fold your straps down toward the middle, and fold in half again. For bikini bottoms, fold in half lengthwise, bring each side in toward the middle, and fold one more time lengthwise. Group top and bottom together and place in the drawer with that crease facing up, as pictured. 

L*Space guide to organizing your swimsuit drawer

4. Next, fold your solid swimwear

You'll use the same method for your solid bikinis. Arrange by color for an even cleaner, more organized look. 

To fold:

Fold as described above. Yay, you did it! So. Freaking. Satisfying. 



  • Remove padding. Many of our swim styles come with removable pads for versatility. We recommend taking these out so they can best retain their curved shape and avoid creasing. Store them in your bikini drawer with your swimsuits for easy access.
  • Take note of what you have. Now that you're seeing your swimsuit collection at a glance, what stands out to you? Maybe you'll realize you don't have any one piece swimsuits, and make it your mission to find one this season (we can help with that). Or, maybe you'll notice you own a lot of red bikinis because they make you feel confident, inspiring you to incorporate that hue more into your everyday wardrobe.
  • Separate potential bra tops. You'll often find us waxing poetic about the many ways you can wear your bikini tops off the sand or how to style your one piece swimsuits as bodysuits. While you're doing your initial sorting, set aside any styles that could be great as a sports bra, crop top, or comfy everyday bralette. That's getting your money's worth!


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