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March 26, 2019

L*SPACE Behind the Brand: Meet Tricia

What is your role at L*SPACE?
Customer Service Rep for Wholesale/Retailers
What is your typical day like?
Come in, check email, pull through any EDI’d/systematic orders, send orders to the warehouse, systematically allocate inventory where it’s needed, and work with the reps and the retailers all throughout the day.
What’s a surprising fact about you?
Everyone is always surprised when they find out I have a fraternal twin sister. She’s in San Diego living the SD life.
Where is your happy place?
Home with family but mainly my son [dog] Winston.
Favorite place you’ve ever visited?
Ireland, my motherland.
Must-have beauty picks?
All things Kopari! I also can’t live without Clinique skincare, Oaui hair volumizer and Mario Badescu rose and lavender Facial Sprays.   
What advice would you give your 17 year-old self?
Good opportunities will come, just keep working hard and don’t let the outside noise get you down.
What does #ThatFeelGoodFit mean to you?
#ThatFeelGoodFit perfectly meshes with my lifestyle. Everything L*Space I wear fits my mood and personality, and not only fits naturally on me, but also fits how I want to see my best self when I’m enjoying life by the water.   
You can follow Tricia on Instagram here, and shop her style faves here.
And watch her behind-the-scenes video on IGTV here!

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