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June 18, 2020

Self-Care Journaling with Morgan of @bun_undone

This Sunday, it's all about you. Join us for a special Instagram Live self-care journaling session with Morgan Raphael of @bun_undone. She'll show us how to take care of ourselves and tune inward so that we can show up to others and give back even stronger. Get the deets below so you can join us!

Plus, we caught up with Morgan to hear more about her background, health and wellness tips, and what's keeping her feeling positive right now! 

1. Tell us a little about yourself! Where are you from and what do you do?

I’m originally from New Jersey (Philadelphia area), now living in Chicago. As of the last year, I am a full-time wellness blogger and now author of my five-week e-book and guide, Self-Care Society.

2. Did you always have an interest in health & wellness?

Yes! I grew up in a household of a Dad who is a doctor + Mom who worked in holistic wellness, so I like to believe it’s in my blood! I would even go to the gym with my mom before kindergarten and jump-rope! While I didn’t plan competitive sports growing up, I’ve always had a love for fitness.

3. What’s your favorite workout/workout move right now?

This is tough! I have really been loving barre sculpt type of classes! I love classes with great energy that lean more toward low impact with cardio bursts.

4. What do you eat in a typical day?

I LOVE eating intuitively and based on the seasons – and summer is my favorite 😊. I usually start the day with matcha, fruit, and then either oats or a smoothie. For a snack, I’ll have a brown rice cake with almond butter or a bar. I also have an obsession with plantain chips. For lunch, a salad with chicken and quinoa, then for dinner, grilling has been my favorite lately! Kebabs or homemade turkey burgers are my fave with veggies! When having dessert, I love dairy-free ice cream (Sacred Serve and Fronen are my favorite brands) or dark chocolate.

5. What do you reach for when you’re craving something sweet?

Hu Kitchen chocolate – EVERY TIME!!

6. Tell us more about your Self Care Society! What inspired you to build this community?

When I first started my Instagram over three years ago, I discovered how the power of community really creates a safe, positive space online. I was a member of Tone It Up for years, and the accountability, support, and empowerment inspired me to want to build my own. I ended a relationship when I realized it wasn’t right for me anymore, and I was on a path to deepen my own self-love and choose myself every day. When living on my own for the first time, self-care was my #1 priority. I wanted to fully understand who I was, deepen my self-awareness, build up my self-worth and embrace myself with love at every stage. The practices in self-care were part of my routine at home and they truly helped me find myself and navigate a time of a lot of unknowns. I knew I wanted to create a guide/e-book of some kind, and the idea of Self-Care Society just came to me one day last fall, and it immediately felt right. Bun Undone strives to make wellness approachable, and Self-Care Society strives to do the same with self-care. Through five different themed weeks, it showcases how there is a form of self-care for everyone, and how it doesn’t have to cost a lot of time or money to greatly impact other areas of your life. During quarantine, I’ve been hosting weekly workshops with experts as well, and the transformations and “glow ups” as I call them, has been so inspiring and amazing to witness.

7. What’s one random fact about you that most people don’t know?

That my fingers are double jointed. Definitely strange, but it makes for a good party trick sometimes 😉.

8. Leggings + sneakers, or dress + heels?

Leggings and sneakers, or dress with sneakers! I love a good sundress in the summer.

9. What are you binge watching right now?

Just binged Queer Eye’s new season and LOVED. I also always come back to Friends.

10. Favorite travel destination?

Florence! I studied abroad there my junior year and cannot wait to go back.

11. Bikini or one piece?

Bikini 😊

12. What’s your “L” right now?

My “L” right now is love, but more specifically, self-love. Encouraging others to take care of themselves and tune inward so that they can show up to others and give back even stronger. I’m practicing the same!

13. Where can we follow you? 

On Instagram at @bun_undone and @selfcaresociety_, and my website

For Self-Care Society e-book 

YouTube channel

My Bag

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