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April 25, 2022

The @bigsecret sharing her Mom Travel Tips

Jordan Rebello of @bigsecret just got back from Mexico after shooting our latest mama + mini collaboration with @seaestasurf and is letting us in on her most helpful tips when traveling with children! Keep reading as Jordan spills her tips + essentials on traveling while pregnant! 

Helpful Traveling Tips With Kids:

No devices while traveling! Less arguing, no dealing with the kiddos’ fog brain and more living in the moment!

This trip to Mexico we said no to devices for Poppy! It was such a blessing! No iPad,  no Nintendo,  just a good old fashioned 35mm, Polaroid cameras, journaling, coloring books, and markers galore! It was a trip of exploring and taking in the scenery after a couple of hard years being locked up inside and it was nice to just be present! Especially when we have a little one on the way.

Tips For Traveling While Pregnant:

I felt like traveling in my second trimester was pretty easy! We walked a lot and l also took the time to relax and read my first book in ages and ate so much fruit! I felt so healthy living off local produce and fresh-caught fish!


I won't leave the house without these 7 travel essentials:

- Good cross body bag to keep passports safely
Osea body oil
Saie tinted moisturizer
Sun Visor
La Roche Posay Sunscreen
Seaesta Swim
- Extra 35mm film


      We hope these tips + essentials guide you through your next vacation with your littles! xx 


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