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May 25, 2021

How To Pack Your Swimsuits For Vacation

If you're anything like us, traveling is on your mind and there's a much-needed tropical trip in your future. But do you know what's on your vacation packing list, and how to make it all fit properly in that carryon? Girl, we've got you! Read on for our top swimsuit packing tips and tricks so you can travel light (and smart). 

swimsuits folded in a packing cube

Tip #1 - Bikinis, Meet Packing Cube

If you haven't yet discovered the joys of packing cubes, we're about to blow your mind. It might sound counterintuitive - how could adding more things to my suitcase be helpful? But these thin, lightweight bags (you can find them in sets on Amazon) will help you stay organized and can actually save you room in your luggage! Fold your bikinis as you would in your bikini drawer, and place them in a packing cube alongside your other delicates. Use the others for different categories like jeans, pajamas, etc. Squeeze your folded clothes in the cubes watch how easily you can Tetris everything into your carryon with ease. Bonus: they make putting outfits together and finding certain pieces a breeze. 

swimsuits folded in a hat

Tip #2 - Hat Trick: Make The Most of Your Space 

Another great way to maximize space in your luggage when packing for a beach vacation is to utilize your hats. We always recommend stuffing the crown of your hat with your folded bikinis - this will help save space and keep its shape intact. Worried about creating a crooked brim in transit? Create a little nook with your clothing so you can fit the crown in, and have your brim lay flat against the top portion of your suitcase once you zip it up. You can also reshape straw hats with a steamer (usually available in most hotels to borrow, or as a feature of the iron in your room). Gently steam the brim and lay it on a flat surface with a book or heavy item on top - you should find that it dries to your desired shape again! 

bottle of bikini wash

Tip #3 - Take Care of That Swimwear

If you haven't yet seen our guide to taking care of your swimsuits, we recommend that you read up! We know our bikinis are an investment, but with proper care you'll see that they hold up season after season, making them the wise choice in the long run. It's tempting to get careless on a tropical vacation - raise your hand if you've ever stuffed a wet bikini in a plastic bag and called it a day until you got home. But it's actually easy to take a couple of steps to preserve those buttery-soft pieces. First, make sure you at least rinse off your wet swimsuit with cold water after swimming in the ocean or a pool (sand, chlorine, and sunscreen can do a number on delicates if left too long). Or, do the best thing for your swim and bring a travel-sized soap like our favorite 1 oz. Bikinis Over Everything bikini wash. Taking a minute or two to wash your swimwear in the hotel sink will make a huge difference in extending the life of your bikinis.

Safe travels, and don't forget to tag us in those vacation selfies! 


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